When I Was A Freshman...
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When I Was A Freshman...

How Merrimack College has changed in just three years

When I Was A Freshman...

In May of 2014, I finally came to a decision and chose a school. Merrimack College: the place that would become my home for the next four years, in the small town of North Andover, Massachusetts.

Now that I am going into my senior year, our “little” school is hardly recognizable from that fall of 2014. So much has been remodeled in such a short amount of time, and if you told 18 year old me about all of these changes, I would have laughed and said it wasn’t possible. Almost three years later, the changes that have been made to Merrimack are truly unbelievable.

So, when I was a freshman way back in 2014, this is how Merrimack College was:

  • There was no stadium.
  • The turf was old but got the job done.

  • There was no new business building, instead it was just a bunch of grass that also served as a parking lot during homecoming.

  • When it comes to parking spots, we have seen so many changes. The price has gone up, the spaces have lessened, and it was difficult to have a car on campus. Now, coming this fall, for the first time the prices will be lower, the spaces will be more, and it sounds like an easier ordeal.

  • East Mills was unheard of.
  • “North Campus” wasn’t a thing, and South Campus was called “New Res” (it still kind of is).

  • Augie’s was actually a pub, not just Sparky’s with the lights off.
  • Sparky's was completely different, and far too small for the people in it.
  • And there was no pizza bar.
  • Mendel didn’t look as sleek on the inside.
  • We were the biggest class of freshman ever.
  • The 47 was brandy new to us.

  • There were no clown scares.

  • The Honors Lounge was crammed into a very tiny room in Sullivan.
  • The Unity House didn’t exist.

  • All of the vans were very old.
  • We didn’t have to do community service for Christianity in Context.
  • WE WERE NOT GIVEN IPADS, apparently we lived in the stone age (3 years ago).

  • Returning your dishes in Sparky’s was a whole different situation, just a small little conveyor belt that got backed up all the time and wasn’t the most pleasant thing to see.
  • Our logo was a Warrior, not a shield.

  • Mindful Mack didn’t exist.
  • The Warrior Den was not this nice, it has been undergoing a facelift.

  • The beach volleyball court was not a thing.
  • The Sanctuary Cafe didn’t even have a building yet.
  • Merrimack Idol was in its first year.


  • Crossing Route 114 was a game of Frogger, as there was no stoplight and crosswalk.

Merrimack College certainly has changed a lot since freshman year, and I can't wait to see what it turns into in the future. Merrimack will always be a second home, and I'll always be a Warrior.

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