Now, let me begin this by saving that I've never exactly had a "green thumb." Seriously. Not one bit. There was a period of time last summer where I liked to pretend that I was this Master Gardener. I ended up with at least 25 summer squash. I ate maybe two? But that's probably a reach.. In all honesty, they really COULD have been more flavorful.

When I moved into a new apartment a few months ago, I became absolutely determined to fill my house with every kind of plant that I could possibly imagine. I was convinced (and I pretty much still am) that plenty of plants would make me more productive, happier, and less anxious about life.

It's mega- unfortunate that I have killed every single houseplant that I have brought into this apartment. Every. Single. One. I'm not even kidding, I killed the luscious lavender plant I had about three days after I purchased it. I bought a new one, with the resolve that I would be successful this time. And although I kept that one alive for a few more weeks, it ended up looking as shriveled and pathetic as it's previously-killed-sibling. It's better not to even get me started on the killed basil, thyme, and aloe vera plants...I'm still pretty bitter about it. I've held on to the corpses, in hopes that they will spring forth from the dead and start growing again. So far? Nothing.

Yesterday, I was headed out to Trader Joe's, and we should let it be known that I am a SUCKER for their plants and fresh-cut flowers. Determined to try again, I picked out a healthy looking basil, thyme, lavender, and a small succulent. Just as I was placing my healthy lavender plant into the cart, one of the plant-care workers told me: "Oh, those lavender plants have been flying off the shelves lately! They're so trendy!"

Flabbergasted, the only response I could form was, "Uhhhh..thank you. I thought they were pretty." She nodded and went about her business, and I immediately placed the lavender plant back on it's rack.

Trendy? Houseplants are trendy? It's a plant for crying out loud! I bought it for it's supposed "spider preventing powers." It's not that I hate to be trendy, but I was shocked that having a plant in your home could be considered trendy.

And sure enough, I ran home and discovered that trendy houseplants were definitely a thing! Don't believe me? Check out these articles...

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Are you following the trend?