Experiencing the death of a loved one is something everyone will face throughout life- and it is rarely ever an easy experience. Some deaths are sudden, some are expected, and each is different. There are so many different circumstances, surroundings, and emotions that come with a soul moving on to a different world and leaving their physical body behind.

I have been faced with the stinging pain of losing loved ones a few times in my lifespan, and it has always had a lingering effect on my mind and heart. It is never a walk in the park, a breeze, or like feeling sunlight on your skin. It is your legs giving out when you find out the fateful news, it is crying until there are no more tears, and it is something that, for me, always changes a view of mine or teaches me a lesson.

I was taught one of the biggest lessons of my life recently when I lost a friend.

My friend had an aura about her. This beautiful energy radiated from her skin and every time she smiled, everyone around her could feel it. To try and explain what it felt like to be in the presence of such an astounding girl would take me years to write- it is indescribable. She had gorgeous hair that always was worn as free as her spirit and a style like no other. I swear every ounce of beauty, love, and sunshine the world has to offer was poured into this girl from the day she was born. She could walk into a room and instantly have everyone's attention, whether it be due to her beauty, her personality, or that inexplicable aura. Not to mention, she was hilarious. The time I spent with her were filled with nothing but laughter.

I don't think she knew how much I cared about each view she had, and each story she told. I always loved to hear what she had to say because I did not get to see her very frequently. She was someone I trusted... a true friend. I know I could tell her things that she would never make judgments on, and that always mattered so much to me. She kept it real 100 percent of the time.

The day she passed on into her next life felt like the sun had swept itself away and would never return. Finding the light in each day after she passed was hard, but had to be done. The sun rose and set each day, which was hard for me to fathom because my own world stopped spinning. The world was missing someone.

I think of her every day, and I always will. I think of what I would do to sit around the kitchen counter and talk to her one last time, just to hear her voice and see her expressions. I see her in butterflies, in the brightest sunlight, and in places and people she held close to her heart. I will never be able to fully describe the whimsical soul she had, but I wish I could. I hope by reading this you can grasp even the slightest idea of the kind of girl she was. She lived a life of love and wonder, which is something we should all strive for. Even when the days get dark, I will always remind myself of the light she brought into my life, and try to make my own light from that. She is the most beautiful girl in the world, she is every drop of life the universe has to offer, she is Evie Star.

Rest in peace to the girl who brought nothing but sunshine and wonder into my world.