What's With New Year's Resolutions We Can't Seem To Keep?

What's With New Year's Resolutions We Can't Seem To Keep?

Happy 2018 folks, may all your resolutions stay with you.

3...2...1... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

How many times has this time of year come around, and you decide that next year is going to be better than this one. Some part of you or your life will be improved, you're 1000% sure of it, but then February comes around and you've given up.

What happened to the "new year, new me" mentality? According to this source, the top three resolutions are:

1. Stay fit and healthy

2. Lose weight

3. Enjoy life to the fullest

I don't find this very surprising, because a large percentage of Americans suffer from obesity or body image issues. We all have this cookie cutter image in our minds that in order to enjoy life, we have to look our best. In order to look our best, we have to change our physical image. For many, it is essential to do this. But if it is so essential why is it so well known that we drop these resolutions?

I have been a member of a specific gym back home for a few years now, and it's kind of upsetting to see what happens. The gym will reach its all-time high in the first month or two in the year, so much that I would have trouble getting on a machine, but then these people start to drop like flies. So what makes someone like me, who doesn't leave the gym after six weeks, different than those who do? There's probably a reason which I don't know of. Maybe it's the fact these people are much older than me and have families and an actual job...it could be anything but our health is really important. Now I'm not a gym freak, I go when I can/ when I have the motivation to. But this is not a health article.

The point is, stick to your resolutions people. One year I decided to work on my mental health. That was six years ago and although I am not contempt with my life I still haven't given up on it — and neither should you, whatever your resolution may be. Even if your resolution is like 16% of the population who say their resolution is to not have a resolution. It's ironic but hey, at least they're not loosing their potential to fulfill their resolution.

Happy new year, folks, may all your resolutions stay with you.

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Doing Nothing All Summer Is Okay Too

It's okay to have no plans this summer.


Summer seems to roll around faster and faster every year and the question that's always asked is"what are you doing this summer?" Some people love to answer this question, maybe they have a trip planned to backpack across Europe or have a 2-week vacation in the Bahamas. My point is, everyone seems to have these big summer plans. Some people spend the whole summer traveling and are never even home, but there are always gonna be some people who, like me, have absolutely no plans this summer.

Do I wish I was traveling across Europe or spending a few weeks in the Bahamas? Sure. But in reality, my summer plans include working 5 or 6 days a week. I'm not ashamed of this and I wouldn't say I'm jealous of those traveling because I'm still determined to make the best of my summer.

There is so much pressure everywhere on Instagram and Snapchat to post all the fun things you're doing and to capture the moment. This creates the pressure that you always have to be doing something fun or spontaneous.

Summer should be whatever you want it to be. If you want to spend every day at the beach, do it. If you want to spend every day in bed or at home, that's good too. We all have different definitions of fun.

Summer has just started and everyone should make the most of their summer in their own way. My friends and I always make a bucket list of all the things we want to do by the end of the summer. None of it involves traveling or much planning, it's just little things we can do when we get bored.

Don't feel jealous when you see other people traveling this summer. Make your own fun plans, make a bucket list, and make the most of every day this summer.

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