Nine seasons, 187 episodes, but only one Brooke Davis. Three years after The CW said goodnight to "One Tree Hill," old and new fans alike are still being impacted by the words of their favorite characters. While the entire cast of "One Tree Hill" is filled with some of the most memorable personalities and honest portrayals of life’s most difficult moments, the infamous Brooke Davis is easily regarded as one of the most relatable characters.

We fell in love with her at her most painful moments and were in awe of her at her most successful -- and through it all, we hoped to someday model the character development we watched her achieve. She showed us how to love with our whole hearts and to never give up hope, no matter how difficult life may get. To quote Lucas Scott, “She was fiercely independent, Brooke Davis. Brilliant and beautiful and brave. In two years she had grown more than anyone I had ever know. Brooke Davis is going to change the world someday, and I’m not sure she even knows it”.

Here are 10 Brooke Davis quotes every 20-something year-old needs to hear.

1. "I wasn't a very good person. I was pretty lost, and over the past four years I have been forced to grow up. I stopped letting boys define me and I started believing in myself and my potential."

2. "If you had a friend you knew you'd never see again, what would you say? If you could do one last thing for someone you love, what would it be? Say it. Do it. Don't wait -- nothing lasts forever."

3. "Obviously, there are things I regret -- things I would like to take back, things I would change if I could. But we all have to live with the residue of our choices and the consequences of our actions. For now, I say goodbye to this chapter of my life, and I look forward to what comes next."

4. "Sometimes, pain becomes such a huge part of your life that you expect it to always be there, because you can't remember a time in your life when it wasn't. But then one day you feel something else - something that feels wrong only because it's so unfamiliar. And in that moment, you realize you're happy."

5. "People always leave, but sometimes they come back."

6. "Life kicks you around, sometimes. It scares you and it beats you up, but there's a day when you realize that you're not just a survivor -- you're a warrior. You're tougher than anything it throws your way."

7. "How many moments in life could you look back to and think, 'That's when it all changed?'"

8. "I used to miss you so much, but it never seemed like you missed me. I guess, because of that, I stopped missing you.

9. "The bad guys lie to get in your bed. The good guys lie to get in your heart."

10. "Let me tell you something about love -- it does not knock often. And when it does, we have to let it in."