So, how can a 21 year old college student give a talk about living life when I barely even started it? Well it all starts with myself and the mentality that's be evolving over the years as I got older, and the friends I have that helped me along the way.

I realized how short life could be when I start to realize how my heart condition could really impact the rest of my life and what I can and can't do. My life with that particular heart condition which is Ventricular Tachycardia is another story that I won't get into right now, but the condition is a fast, and abnormal heart rate that could have my heart beat at about 120 per minute and if it lasts more then a few seconds can be life-threatening. It is a condition that has effectively changed my life since birth and changed the lives of those that has been there since then.

The lesson I've learned through all of it up till now, is that we never know the cards we've been dealt with in life. We didn't ask for it, or expect it but we do our best to make sure we play as best as we could while also living in the moment. Life goes by fast, and half the time we already lived most of it before we can even say hold up. Which is why it's so important to cherish each and every moment whether you're by yourself or with friends and loved ones. You realize the importance of not letting any negativity get into your life, and knowing what you want in life but most importantly who you want in life. I don't know if this article helps or if anyone could relate to it but I want to at least share what I've learned in my life and hopefully inspire others from it.