It's the most wonderful time of the year with two weeks left in the semester and a one month break calling my name. Christmas is right around the corner and we all know what that means: time to break out the Christmas list.

This year, whether I receive these items as presents or impulsively buy them myself, I just want to say how grateful I am for everyone in my life, both old and new. No item on this list can replace the friendships I have.

But on a superficial note, here's what I'm asking for this year:

1. Nike Air Force 1's

Basic, I know, but they match with everything and I need a new pair of non-trashed white shoes. I can thank Castle Court for destroying my once perfect, white Vans.

2. JBL Flip 4

Pregame in my room every weekend spring semester. We're always in my room anyway, so it's about time I stop borrowing my friend's speaker and get my own.

I also just like to blast music when I'm in the room, so it all works out.

3. William Sonoma Peppermint Bark

Nothing screams Christmas quite like William Sonoma peppermint bark. Pulling this out of my stocking Christmas morning is easily the best part of the day. Please get yourself a box if you haven't tried it, it's to die for.

4. Chipotle Gift Card

I cannot stand the dining hall food, so I end up spending more time in Chipotle than I do in the library. My friends know me well enough to know that they can convince me to do anything if getting Chipotle is part of the plan, but my bank account cries every time I decide to splurge on that burrito bowl AND chips and guac.

5. Hydroflask

$2 water bottles from the vending machine start to add up. I have reusable bottles, but the Hydroflask is such an aesthetic, I can't resist. And of course, it has to be pink.

6. Money

Please just send any dollar amount my way. I'll even attach my Venmo. I didn't realize how fast I can spend money when I don't have a job. At least in high school when I went on shopping sprees I could work extra shifts to make up for the new pair of shoes.

7. Fuzzy Socks

As soon as the cold season hits, I break out the fuzzy socks. I can never have too many, especially because they seem to go missing every time I do laundry.

8. Glossier Perfume

This scent is absolutely FYE. Glossier as a whole is an amazing makeup brand, but this perfume trumps any fancy perfume you can get at Bloomingdales, in my opinion. It's light, but also has a notable aroma that lingers. The bottle is cute, too.

9. I.AM.GIA Pixie Coat in Black

Yes, I own the tan one, but I can really never have too many jackets. The Pixie Coat matches with everything and it keeps me so warm on windy days here in Cuseland. My closet may burst after this last jacket purchase, but we keep on moving on.

10. LPA Puffer Jacket 600 from Revolve

I lied, the Pixie Coat will not be the last jacket. The 80's are making a comeback with their colorblock windbreakers and bright colored puffer jackets and I am absolutely all for it. I own one in hot pink, so they can keep each other company in my closet between uses.

11. Longchamp Le Pliage Neo Large Nylon Tote in Black

I saw this bag while I was Black Friday shopping and I fell in love. I couldn't splurge $190 on one item because Bloomingdale's was the first store I hit that night, but I knew I had to take a picture for a later date. I have the same one in navy, but it's too small to hold an overabundance of items. This bag is much larger, perfect for traveling, and will match with anything in my closet.

12. Voevia Light Brown from Aldo

Another Black Friday find. I've seen these shoes, or shoes very similar, in so many pictures and they are absolutely adorable. I've been needing a cute pair of waterproof shoes to wear to class since there's always some type of precipitation here.

Just let it be known that I don't necessarily believe I'm going to receive everything on this list, it's a lot, I know. I am a shopaholic, though, and like to follow trends, so it isn't too hard for me to find things that I want. Plus, hopefully this adds some inspiration to those who need to find something to add to their lists this year.