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When making big decisions in life, always do it for YOU


As human, at times we are so lost in trying to figure out who we are and where we belong that we forget/lose ourselves in the process and we start doing things to please others.

What is the first question you ask yourself when making an important decision in life?

If, it is not "will it be good for me and my future?" there might be a little rethinking to do. Of course, family, partners, role models, advisers and close friends play a big role in decision-making for many, but don't ever forget "you". Often we do things to be fit in a certain level of society or to even be accepted by family members, partners, friends, associates and more; when that happens, are you even thinking about yourself and what is good for you? Some will even tend to make you feel bad if you are trying to do things that is good for you and do not benefit them. Those group of people that you have to please by forgetting yourself in the process sincerely DO NOT DESERVE YOU there is no better way to say this.

I can relate to this ( I think most people can at a certain point in life), I used to do things just to be "cool" or to fit in, but I realized that there is more to life than being cool. Now, I try to associate myself with people that brings positive vibes only. One key thing while accepting people in your inner circle is to see who is real and who values you for who are and respect your choices while supporting. My very best friends ( I will talk about them in another article) usually give me their opinions/advice when I'm making big decisions in life, but they always remember to tell me to do what's best for me ( which is why they are my besties) to begin with. You will know the true supporters once you meet them.

If you feel like you are losing yourself in other to fit in somewhere , do not be discouraged, you are not alone. It takes a lot to realize that you are forgetting yourself. Always remember that YOU are important and YOU belong somewhere, just not with the associates that do not appreciate you for the real "you" and want all decisions to be about them. It is "okay" to be yourself and do things that will be good for your future.

24363 ft is what I flew for "me"; how high are you willing to fly for yourself?

It is okay if you are not ready to step up for yourself just yet, but always ask yourself "am I doing it for me?" Remember it is not selfish to rethink if the answer is "no."

"It's way better to live with the experience instead of spending a lifetime wondering what if"




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