What Is Your Spirit Potato?
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What Is Your Spirit Potato?

Are you fried, baked or somewhere in between?

What Is Your Spirit Potato?

If you're an American, you understand that there are millions of ways to cook potatoes. From the slender fry to the baked spud to the crunchy tot, you can never get tired of potatoes. They warm your heart and fill your stomach. They are the starch that brings families and friends together. For every person, there is a potato to match. Find your spirit potato here:

1. French Fries

There are so many different ways to cook french fries. There are steak fries, curly fries, waffle fries and skinny fries that look like tiny twigs. But there is one thing that unifies these beautiful creations. They taste best salty and you can never turn them down. If you're persuasive and can get a little salty, you're definitely a french fry. You're great to have at a party because you mix well with just about everyone and you're not afraid to show your sassy side when you need to. You're salty on the outside, but you're a softy at heart.

2. Baked Potatoes

Do you feel like you've got a million things on your plate? Are you a really chill person with a lot going on? You're a baked potato. You're not the kind of person to go out all the time, but you're definitely on the top of your friends' lists. You're a super busy person so when your friends get to see you, it's a real treat.

3. Cheesy Potatoes

Your puns are straight fire. You're always making awkward jokes and sometimes you're the only one laughing. Some people don't get your sense of humor, but don't let the haters bring you down. It's endearing and your cheese is what makes people love you.

4. Mashed Potatoes

You're a necessity and you're what everyone is most thankful for at Thanksgiving Dinner. You're a go with the flow type of person. You're down-to-earth and everyone's go-to. Mashed potatoes are great with sour cream, butter and most importantly, gravy. This means you're down for anything. Whether it's a night out adventuring or a stay in bed type of day, you're content.

5. Sweet Potatoes

You know who you are. You're a shoulder to cry on. You are the epitome of comfort. You're always there when your friends need encouraging. You have a distinct flavor about you that makes you stand out from the rest. When you walk in a room, people don't always notice at first. But once they know you're there, they never want you to leave.

6. Tater-Tots

You're small and spunky. You know what you're about and you own it. You're not the loudest in the group, but you're definitely known and loved. You're a team player, but you have a charisma about you that gives you an edge. That's why you thrive at sporting events.You have a confidence about you that draws people in.

Congratulations! You've discovered your spirit spud! Now when you're comparing yourself to the traditionally awkward vegetable, you can be specific.

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