What Your Favorite IUP Bar Says About You
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What Your Favorite IUP Bar Says About You

Cash me on Philadelphia Street, how bout dah?

What Your Favorite IUP Bar Says About You
Twisted Jimmy's

Indiana University of Pennsylvania, otherwise known as, IUP or “IUsuallyParty,” has a few claims to fame nationally and locally. Home to IUPatties celebrations, the Crimson Hawks, Christmas trees, “dages” and 25 cent drinks, IUP students know how to have fun.

We can blame it on the frats, the desolate area or the alcohol, *cues Jaime Foxx and T-Pain,* but we need to take responsibility. If you are lucky enough to be 21 or you’re enjoying your time underage, the right of passage can only be properly celebrated on Philadelphia Street. Once you’re 21 at IUP, you slowly start to realize you have a weekly routine of the bars you visit. This routine for most people is so familiar they could do in their sleep, or blacked out.

Although the popular bar changes according to their specials, music and crowd, the 2016-2017 school year has been relatively consistent with the bar happenings.

Here is what your favorite IUP Bar Says About You:

Al Patti’s

The first two words I think of when I hear Al Patti’s are “Rugby Players.” I personally have never been to Al Patties, but I've heard that it is a good time. I've also heard they have a delicious steak night, something I should definitely try before I graduate.

If Al Patties is your spot, you most likely enjoy being surrounded by a lot of familiar faces and having consistency. You’re probably an athlete, a wannabe WAG (no judgment) or enjoy the small-town-bar atmosphere.


Since freshman year, I have noticed that Wolfie’s, Culpeppers, The Coney and Boomie’s popularity fluctuates by semester. Tuesday’s and Thursday’s seemed to draw a large crowd at Boomerangs and the townies enjoy it every other night.

If you enjoy Boomie’s, you probably enjoy cheap drinks and playing pool with your friends. You drink on the weekdays and have friends that support that. (Who doesn’t need a shot after a 3-hour night class?)

The Brown Hotel

Half of my readers are probably thinking, “the WHAT?” and the other half are thinking, “That is my favorite bar!”

The Brown puts a hipster, relaxed, “good vibes only,” twist to the party scene at IUP. The crowd is kind of artsy, but fun nonetheless. You appreciate live music and a chill, familiar crowd. You probably step to your own beat and people like you for your unique, one-of-a-kind personality.


Brunzies is the “dad bar” of Indiana. With few specials and sports bar atmosphere, you probably only come to Brunzies before your night is blurry.

A great spot for a date, or to grab a drink with friends, Brunzies has an upscale but exciting vibe to it. If you’re a Brunzies regular, you probably are too old to be reading this, or you live to network while drinking. You most likely enjoy watching the game with a draft and a plate of cheese fries, and you head to bed before midnight. You’re over the college scene or utilize this bar to get away from it.

The Coney

The Coney has its years. This year happens to be one of them. With no cover, cheap drinks and a large space to mingle or dance, The Coney has been “LIT.”

If you’re a Coney regular, then you probably enjoy sugary drinks, listening to iTunes Top 100 on repeat and staying until they force you to leave. You’re the IUP stigma, but you’re proud of the title. You put a lot of work into those forgettable nights, and you’re going to make the most of your free time. Also, your liver probably hates you, but it's okay with you because you're having fun.

H.B. Culpeppers

Culpeppers is a hit or miss, but when it’s a hit, you’re guaranteed to have a good time. There is a lot of space for dancing and socializing as well as pool tables.

If you go to Culps, you’re looking for a good time and want to switch up your typical crazy night. You probably go out on the weekends early to make it for half price drinks. If you’re having a good time, you usually wonder off to another bar or grab a slice of pizza before stumbling home. Your “switch it up” attitude is positive, and you’re a social butterfly. You also don't like to be gypped on drinks. Culps always supplies you with the biggest drinks to get you through the night.

Twisted Jimmy’s

IUP students have a crush on one bar, an orange crush. Known for their connected grille that serves “samiches,” this bar is fairly new to IUP.

If your favorite bar at IUP is Twisted Jimmy’s, then you more than likely enjoy tasty mixed drinks instead of the concoctions the other bars serve up, BUT you get what you pay for. You may be waiting a little bit longer for these drinks as well as forking over a few extra dollars. You appreciate a well made drink. Also, if you spend some time here, you probably enjoy trivia and their specials during hockey games.


Wolfendale’s, otherwise known as “Wolfie’s,” is famous for country nights. If you haven’t attended a Wednesday night at Wolfie’s, you might not deserve your diploma from IUP. Wolfie’s offers drink specials but not in a dinky cup, in a PITCHER.

So, it’s safe to say, if you’re a regular at Wolfie’s, you can handle your alcohol. You enjoy a mix of music, and you've never run out of toilet paper in your apartment. You’re probably not a quiet or reserved person, and if you are, then you probably surprised your friends by dancing on the bar on a wild night. You probably also wake up nervous to watch your friends' Snapchat story from last night.

All IUP students have their own bar preference, and there is no right or wrong. Whether you’re a current student, alumni, townie or just a visitor, leave a comment with your own story or opinion. Maybe you like one of these bars for a different reason, leave a comment to let us know why!

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