What Your Favorite Chocolate Candy Says About The True You
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Everyone has a favorite candy they are guilty of eating way too often. Whether it’s an incentive to help you get something done, a celebration, or just a craving, your favorite chocolate candy can say a lot about you as a person. So, what does your favorite chocolate candy say about you?

Almond Joy/Mounds

You like to relax outside in warm weather and prefer to be somewhere tropical. Sometimes you live with your head in the clouds and like to dream, but that doesn’t stop you from being an incredible person. You are turned to in times of chaos from your Zen nature, yet are still underappreciated by some people.


You appear to be sweet on the outside but are both tough and brittle on the inside. You have trouble letting people in and get hurt easily, so often keep your distance from others. But when times get difficult, you never stop persevering and are determined to push through any obstacles life throws at you!


You tend to hit many bumps in the road, yet you are extremely delightful to be around. You enjoy crisp autumn or winter air and like to go on long walks/hikes outdoors. You are bold and leave your mark on people and the world, yet you still have a strong sense of humor and a great laugh.

Hershey’s Chocolate Bar

You are a dependable and reliable person who follows all of the expectations and rules set for you. You don’t like surprises or living life on the edge, so prefer to follow routines that make you feel safe and comfortable. You enjoy the simple things in life and are a great source of comfort for almost everyone you know.

Kit Kat

You appear to be a very delicate and pleasant individual. You are a chirpy person that people love to be around, partially because you are so social. Your love for sharing and helping others whenever possible is contagious and admirable, and your generosity is never taken for granted.


You are a child at heart who has a colorful personality, is extremely outgoing, likes to have fun, and is very adventurous. You bring unexpected pleasure to people and enjoy all the little things in life. You are very simple, sweet, and kind, and that’s why people love to be around you.

Milky Way

You appear to be an average person on the outside, but on the inside, you have a sweet and soft center. As the name of your favorite candy implies, you can be spacey at times, but you are also an all-around out of this world amazing person!

Mr. Goodbar

You don’t try to hide that you can be a bit nutty, and that’s the best part about you! Others often don’t appreciate you because they’re busy comparing you to similar people, so they don’t realize how great of a person you truly are. You are very driven and aren’t afraid to break the rules to get what you want or stand up for what you believe in, and others admire you for that.

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups/Reese’s Pieces

You can be kind of nutty a lot of the time, but that is what makes you so special. Everyone loves you just the way you are, nutty and all! Your bold and ambitious nature makes people gravitate toward you, especially on bad days when they need someone to cheer or pick them up.


You are a well-balanced individual who is salty and sweet at the same time. You expect things to go smoothly and are surprised when you hit bumps in the road, but you always get through them with the help of your family and friends. You are good team member who can work with all different types of people, despite the fact that you can get angry easily.

Take 5

You are not a force to be reckoned with. You are very different from everyone else and have your own personality that people often neglect to appreciate. You are a people pleaser who always puts others before yourself. Despite this, you still know how to embrace your individuality, and your experiences and wisdom have helped form you into the person you are today.


You know how to pick a good fight with others and are often very competitive. Yet, you are loved by many and people always enjoy your company. When others get to know you, they see that you really have two layers that can be both tough and sweet.

3 Musketeers

You are very light at heart and always have the best intentions. People sometimes think you can be an airhead and take advantage of your kindness, but you have learned how to stick up for yourself and not let them take your soft disposition for granted.

100 Grand

People are often quick to judge you, but looks aren’t everything and can be very deceiving. You can be really soft on the inside but are also full of unexpected surprises. People depended on advice from you because you are sweet but also know how to tell it like it is.

What are you waiting for? Go eat your favorite chocolate candy!

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