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What the fuck just happened?

It hasn't yet registered fully but it's been about three days since The Election. The Election that sparked at least eight suicides in the LGBT+ Community while their suicide hotlines were at an all time high. The Election that has women all over setting up appointments for IUD's while they still can. Canada's emigration site crashed and about five or more countries welcoming American refugees.

Is this real life? Is this the prequel to a George Orwell novel or is this reality? The last thing I want is for my hijabi friends' to have their scarves snatched, my trans friends beaten or my other fellow queer friends to be hurt whether physically or emotionally and this is what's happening.

Emergency Protests.


It's not even January yet and the world is ending, true colors are showing and our lives, as Americans are in peril.

I've been anxious.

I'm a black girl who's been grabbed by the pussy from someone who felt entitled.

I'm a bisexual black girl who surrounds herself with nothing but love from around the world.

Social Media has been a playground and in recent years, a cemetery to the living. We are in mourning of the future.

I'm a black girl that's been spit on, lit cigarette thrown at me, called a Nigger online and in person.

America's newest Commander-in-Chief is Not my President. He is the personification of words like immoral, misogyny, racist, inexperienced, disgusting and a fucking asshole.

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