What Your UCF Spring Break Plans Say About You
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What Your UCF Spring Break Plans Say About You

Nobody does Spring Break like the Knights of UCF.

What Your UCF Spring Break Plans Say About You

Spring Break 2015 is fast approaching, which means students everywhere will be watching what they eat, booking their flights/cruises/hotels, and counting down the days until it's officially time to party. Every college student lives for Spring Break, but no other students go quite as hard as the students of UCF. Here's what your UCF #SB15 plans say about you:

1. You're going on a cruise.

You want excitement, you want adventure, you want drinks with little umbrellas in them. Maybe you're going to go live la vida loca down in Mexico. Maybe you're gonna work on your tan in the Bahamas. Or maybe you're gonna go do some whale-watching in Alaska. It doesn't really matter where you go, you'll be partying it up with your friends and that's all that really matters. You're gonna meet some fun new people, see beautiful new sights, and okay, you'll probably reenact the Titanic "I'm the king of the world!" scene at least once. The fun you'll have on the cruise will last you a lifetime ... if you can remember any of it, that is.

2. You're going to Panama City Beach.

If Florida is famous for one thing, it's Disney World how crazy it gets for Spring Break. People from all over the country come to enjoy the debauchery that is PCB, and it's way easier for UCF students, because we don't really need to travel that far. It's not nicknamed "One of the World's Most Beautiful Beaches" for nothing. The water is clear, the music is jumping, and people are partying as far as the eye can see. If you're traveling to PCB this Spring Break, it's because you know how to have a good time. PCB is practically a college student's right of passage, so live it up, fellow Knight.

3. You're staying at UCF.

Sure, you may not be going on some great big adventure far from home, but let's face it, Orlando is already a tourist paradise all on it's own. It's not your fault you go to school where other people vacation. And besides, Pub, Library, and Stagger Inn couldn't possibly survive without you. 

4. You're going home.

Maybe you're going home because your parents guilted you into it. Maybe you just miss your pets, your own bed, or your hometown hookup (no judgement). You'll most likely miss being at UCF the moment your family starts pestering you about your classes/your eating habits/why you're still single, but still, it's fun while it lasts. Who knows, you may even get some clean laundry out of the whole ordeal.

5. You're working.

I'm so sorry. It sounds like you've come down with a bad case of "Adulthood," the horrible, incurable disease. Some of the known side effects include being too big for most McDonald's playgrounds, not being able to order chicken tenders off of the kids menu, and worst of all, having responsibilities. Try not to suffer from too much #FOMO while you scroll through your Instagram feed and bitterly like all of your friends' super fabulous Spring Break pics. Just remember, while the rest of us are spending every dime we have on drinks inside of coconuts, you'll hopefully be making some serious cash. When all of your friends come back to UCF sunburned and completely broke, it'll be your time to shine, you big baller. 

6. You're hibernating.

Don't worry, I get it. The constant excitement of UCF can be utterly exhausting. Sometimes all you need is a bed, some popcorn, and someone else's Netflix password. Some people's idea of a perfect Spring Break is binge-watching every episode of Game of Thrones at once, and I respect that. Sometimes doing absolutely nothing is exactly what a college student needs to unwind.

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