If you are thinking about going through the process of sorority recruitment at any school, you might already be thinking about what to wear for each round. It is an important decision because you want to present yourself in a way that makes a good impression. Of course, you will want to look and feel good, but don't feel like there is pressure to be perfect. Remember that the girls on the other side are all human too, and have all been in your exact place before!

1. There is no mold you are supposed to conform to!

Don't wear something just because it is what you think everyone else will be wearing! Recruitment is a time to be completely yourself, that way the process will work correctly and you will end up in the house that you genuinely feel at home in. If you are trying to be someone you're not in recruitment, there is a chance you could end up in the wrong house and not be too happy. So show off your style! If you like bold colors, wear bold colors! If you hate dresses and want to wear a pants suit- do it! as long as you are being your authentic self there is no wrong way to dress.

2. That being said, you should want to put your best foot forward.

Margo Huntley

While it is true that there is no wrong way to dress, recruitment is still a formal process and there are some expectations for how you should present yourself. It's nothing crazy- it's mostly about being respectful. Think of it as a type of interview. You aren't getting dressed to hang out at your friend's house, and you aren't getting dressed to go to the club... If you find yourself questioning anything, just remember that you can never go wrong with classy and professional!

3. Comfort is veryyyy important.

Recruitment is not for the faint of heart... The days are long, like twelve plus hours long sometimes! You will be on your feet a lot, and you will get really tired. Of course, it is worth it because if you do make it through the process, you will get to join a house of girls who will be your best friends and sisters for the rest of your life! But don't make yourself miserable by wearing something that is going to be incredibly uncomfortable all day. People will notice if you are uncomfortable and distracted while you are talking to them. So consider your shoe choice, consider the climate of where your recruitment will take place, and consider the proper fit of your clothes to you don't have to be tugging and adjusting all day.

4. Wear what makes you feel good!

Margo Huntley

Everyone has insecurities, don't worry. And during recruitment, you want to feel good about how you look! It is so important to feel confident, and that is something that will stand out to the girls you talk to during the process! So if a tight dress is going to stress you out all day, don't wear it! If you feel too tall in heels, there is no pressure to be in them! You are perfect no matter what, but if simple adjustments help you especially feel that way, then make it happen!

5. You will probably get some kind of outfit guide for each round.

At my school, this was the case, and I can only imagine it is at most schools. You have to register for recruitment and before the process actually starts you will probably go through an orientation of some sort. You will certainly receive informational packets breaking down everything you will need to know for the week, including an outfit guide for each different round.

As a few closing notes, I want to remind everyone to take a breath and enjoy the process. You are about to make a life-changing decision going through recruitment and you should feel thrilled! You are about to get to spend the week talking to hundreds of kind, strong, smart, inspiring women. Be yourself, and trust the process to lead you to your perfect house where you will find your best friends, and feel more at home than ever.