Tis the season,

The Holidays are among us now, and seemingly everyone is in a festive mood. From the lights outside homes to the Christmas trees in living rooms, we see the festivities of the season arising… but the "holidays" is just a jumble of empty words and boxes to the people with no one to go home to or even a home to go to.

Many little girls and boys have their Christmas list ready and are just waiting in anticipation to see Santa Claus. Other children who don't celebrate Christmas are still looking forward to the gifts they will get during the Holiday season…. But to the children not fortunate enough to have rich families or any family, they just hope for the best from people who have the ability to give. They don't expect giant gestures or a big family meal, but if they were to get a single present wrapped in decent paper, a smile would be brought to their face.

Young adults are making their ways home for the season. They look forward to time away from school and the home cooking of their parents. Some may do no traveling or some may go over seas, but nearly all are trying to see their parents and siblings in time for festivities… but some aren't lucky enough to have parents to go back to. Some experience too many words of hatred, or were expected to be gone by eighteen, so now they are stuck alone during the holiday season. They truly cherish the short amount of time they have with their friends and the company of anyone in this time.

Grown ups are now starting to wrap presents, get ready for parties, and are decorating their homes for the holiday. They have the stress of making everyone's Christmas perfect, but they have the smiles and words of gratitude of others keeping them moving and excited… But some people have nothing to look forward to or anyone they want to see happy during this time. They hope for the best, or a chance encounter so that they can feel the holiday sprit.

The Holidays are a grand time. It's full of happiness and smiles, gifts and presents, food and travels… but when you have no one the holidays mean little. The sadness of being alone hurts far more during the holidays and you can't seem to ignore the relationships of others. So for the people lucky enough to have loved ones, cherish your time with your family, but don't forget there are people who are not as lucky as you.

May your Holidays be happy and may your heart be ready for giving.