10 Things I Wish I Brought To College

10 Things I Wish I Brought To College

All the things you wish you brought to college!


Everyone loves moving in to a luxuries high rise dorm. Decorating and planning out your dorm is the first exciting thing you'll do in college. After my first three months of living in a dorm, I hauled 3 boxes of things back home that I just didn't need. In the meantime, there are so many things I completely forget to bring to college that I need on the daily. Here are 10 things I wish I brought to college!

1. More socks 


I swore I brought enough socks when I moved in, but now I am down to two pairs. I can never find socks when I need them. With each load of laundry I do, more and more socks seem to disappear from the earth. Make sure you bring plenty of socks.

2. Hangers


You can never have too many hangers. I have bought at least two more packs this month. Space is limited in your dorm so make sure you use up as much closet space as you can.

3. Medicine 


I actually came to college with no medication. Not even a single Advil. The first few weeks of school, everyone is getting sick. You will thank yourself later if you load up now on cough drops, pain reliever, and any other medicines you might need.

4.) My dog


I miss my dogs. Ok, I know I can't take them with me to college, but that doesn't mean I don't wish I could!

5. My sister 


The first months of school can be exciting and lonely. I always wish my sister was here to rant to about my day. You will wish everyday that you could bring her with you.

6. Yoga pants


We all think that we are gonna leave the yoga pants in high school and look like goddesses at our colleges. This is false and you will soon realize that even changing out of pajama pants for class is a miracle. Dress cute in August, but come fall you will thank me for telling you to bring your comfy pants!

7. Dry shampoo 


Showering is important, but sometimes time slips through our hands. Make sure you are prepared for those in between days by stocking up on dry shampoo!

8. Self control 


This can apply to many situations. Spending, homework, and parting. This is the first time in your life that you can make your own rules, so please bring a little bit of self control with you. Your bank account and GPA will thank you later.

9. Money 


Save your money before college. If you spend all of the money you earned in high school or got for graduation in the first month of school, you should look back to item number 9. Money is important and is a scarce resource in college. Spend and save it wisely

10. Phone chargers 


Like my socks, my phone chargers disappear every day. Make sure you bring a few and keep up with them!

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15 Things That Totally Suck About Leaving Your Roommate For The Summer

You don't know what you've got till it's gone

Living with a roommate is one of my favorite parts of college. That may sound crazy depending on your own roommate experience, but living with a girl like mine, you'd get it. It's like having a sleepover with your best friend every night, a luxury I didn't realize I loved so much until I returned home for the summer and went back to living by myself.

With just my parents and me at home, I felt right away how different it was living back at home then in my cozy dorm with my best friend. It's much quieter, less cramped, but certainly less fun (sorry mom and dad). I can't shout to my neighbors to come over or run down a flight of stairs to join all of my friends for a movie night anymore and it's #tragic. Here are 15 things that change after leaving my roommate for the summer.

1. No more late night chats.

The best part of the day was getting tucked into bed and gossiping with my roommate like we were 5th graders at a sleepover. Now I have to facetime her and it's just not the same

2. No one to make sure I get up in the morning.

Nothing like a personal alarm clock when my alarm doesn't go off and I almost miss class

3. Only one closet.

My options are severely limited now.

4. No one to get ready for bed with.

It's much easier to be motivated to wash my face every night when my roommate drags me to the bathroom with her.

5. No one to complain to when I'm bored/stressed.

My personal therapist.

6. No one to have mid-study dance parties with.

I need study breaks okay

7. No one to have late night snacks with.

Because sneaking down to your kitchen for a snack is much less fun than eating peanut butter and pretzels in bed with your roommate

8. No one to binge-watch a new show with.

I'd rather watch 13 Reasons Why season 2 with my friends :/

9. No one to share my random thoughts with.

Whether it's a weird fact I saw on twitter or a deep philosophical question, I miss just blurting out whatever popped into my head to my roommate

10. No one to take BuzzFeed quizzes with.

It's not as fun finding out that I'll meet my soulmate in a Starbucks in 2026 when I'm not finding out when my roommate will meet their soulmate too

11. No one to make me clean my room.

Living with someone else gives you so much more motivation to keep your room clean

12. No one to tell me if I missed a spot when straightening my hair.

A true blessing

13. No one to tell me if my outfit looks dumb or trendy.

Guess I'll just send her pictures

14. No one to make me study.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, roommates= motivation

15. No one to have a midlife crisis with.


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20 Things I Learned My Freshman Year Of College

I didn't expect college to be this much different than high school.



1. Always carry your ID

You might need it to get in a building, use it for a test, or to buy something. You never know when you'll need it.

2. Take your classes seriously

College really isn't like high school. You have to go to class and study hard.

3. There is someone to help you

There are all kinds of helpful people in a college campus. Whether you need help with homework, options on education, or even therapy, there is someone to help you.

4. There are tutors for everything

If you are struggling in any class, there is someone who can help you learn the material. You could go to the tutoring center or email your professor or their TAs

5. Talk to your professor

It's important to talk with your professor, especially if you are struggling in their class. They will offer you the exact help you need. They are there to teach you.

6. Don't over work yourself

If you are working through college to pay for college, do not over work yourself. Make sure you have enough time to study and get help if you need it.

7. The library has textbooks

If you cannot afford textbooks, check the library. You can check them out for free.

8. Keep your syllabus

The syllabus is your best friend. It contains everything you need to know about your class including due dates, requirements, and regulations. Reading this can help you prepare and stay ahead.

9. Do not wait until the last minute to do assignments

Seriously, college assignments can take a long time. Especially papers. Try to get them done at least a day before they are due.

10. Use 'rate my professor'

Rate My Professor is a website where previous students have reviewed their professors. This is really helpful in choosing a professor that fits your liking.

11. There is a lot of free stuff

You can get a lot of free stuff on campus. You can get tons of shirts, stickers, sunglasses, food, and things alike from organizations and events around campus.

12. Prioritize

A college student likely has a lot of free time. Prioritize what you want to get done when you aren't doing much.

13. Get involved

Get involved in organizations. You can make new friends and try things that you find interesting.

14. Lots of places offer student discounts

There are so many places that offer a student discount, you just have to ask.

15. Make friends within your major

Students in the same major make the best study groups.

16. Do extra credit

Even if you don't need it, do the extra credit. It only helps.

17. Learn how to manage your stress

College can be really stressful. It's important to learn how to manage stress or manage the things causing you stress so you can relax. Don't be afraid to ask for help.

18. Start networking

Get to know people and meet people in the job field you are interested in.

19. Don't schedule class times that you won't make

Seriously do not take the 7:30 am class. You could do it in high school but college is a different story.

20. Do not wait until the last minute to enroll

Finding a class at a time that fits your liking can be difficult, especially if you missed the enrollment date. Make sure you know when you can register for classes and do it then!

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