We all have those goals for the summer. We want to travel a ton, and do things we've never done before. But sometimes, our extreme plans fall short when summer finally hits. Here is a list of things you can do when you're sitting around your house, not knowing what to do!


1. Exercise.

This might not seem like the greatest thing, but believe me, working out this summer will have you feeling so much better. It will leave you feeling productive and happy.

2. Go Shopping.

Going shopping will definitely kill time, and even if you don't have the money to spend, going to the mall with your friends and trying on clothes is always a good time.

3. Find a new place in your town you've never been.

Sometimes, living in a town makes you think you know about every shop and restaurant. Who knows, though? Maybe you're missing out on the cutest boutique or the best food in town?

4. Go on a road trip.

Going on a road trip with a few friends to somewhere you've never been before is definitely going to be an adventure. So pack some snacks, turn the music up, and plug in an unknown destination to google maps.

5. Go to a coffee shop.

Getting a cup of coffee with your friends is always the perfect way to have a little fun.

6. Go thrifting.

Find the closest thrift shop and have at it. You can find the cutest and coolest things. Believe me, people will be asking where you got your stuff all the time!

7. See a movie.

So many movies come out in the summer. On the rainy days, or any day you feel like you have nothing to do, go see a movie!

8. Read a new book.

Reading might not be your cup of tea, but picking up a new book is always a good idea.

9. Find a recipe and make it.

Pinterest is a gold mine for great recipes. Find one that interests you and make it!!

10. Go to a concert.

Going to concerts in the summer is personally one of my favorite things to do! Go see your favorite artist, hang out with you friends, and make memories!

11. Go to the pool.

This might seem like an obvious one, but for the days you don't know what to do with, head to the pool, bring your headphones, a book, and swim laps. Either way, you'll have a great time and get your tan on!

12. Have a cookout with your friends.

Invite your friends over, grill up some burgers, and hang out. You can't go wrong with a cookout in the summer!

Have fun this summer, y'all!