What Is The Point Of Social Media?
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What Is The Point Of Social Media?

Are we using social media the wrong way?

What Is The Point Of Social Media?
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What's the point of social media?

Truthfully, social media is not used how it was made to be these days.

Social media was invented to share photos and events with people who you don't see every day. Instead, social media has turned into a place to show off to our followers.

We define ourselves by how many likes we get, who comments on our posts, how many followers we have..etc.

This is unhealthy! It not only makes us feel bad about ourselves if we don't get enough likes, but it makes us focus on things like getting a good picture, that will get attention, rather than enjoying the moment. We are so worried about being able to share this moment with the rest of the world that we no longer enjoy the moment ourselves.

I'm in no way saying I'm above this either. I have completely been sucked into the social media whirlwind. I love posting on Instagram and Facebook, and every once in a while I post a selfie as well. It doesn't hurt to get a little "love" from your followers. But what I've learned is that despite that "love", I still feel good about myself because I'm worth more than what social media subjects me as.

This isn't just an unhealthy trend in the Generation Z group. Parents have also adopted this lifestyle. Posting pictures of the things they do with their kids is normal, but posting every waking moment. Every morning routine, or every afternoon activity, with 12 hashtags added to the end. It's all just an act for attention. They also want the reward.

In the end, social media is a positive influence on our lives, it's how we use it that can be negative. Don't let your follower count define you. It doesn't matter what your like number is or if everyone online knows everything about you. Leave something to be discovered upon introduction.

Don't let it define you.

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