Hey everyone! I hope you all are having a good day today. It is a beautiful day here at Texas Tech and I just thought of a cool writing prompt! I am going to highlight on what each day of the week means to me here in college. Each day is different and maybe my insight will make you think about the days of your week!


Sundays are either my "off" days, where I do not do anything at all except binge watch YouTube videos or will most likely be a cleaning day. It can go either way. When I have a lazy day, I take advantage of it and when my room starts forming dust, I make sure to take care of that too.


These are the days where I grocery shop for the week. After my last class, I usually make a list of foods I need and head to Market Street. Since I am on a really specific diet, I have to buy my own food and prepare it at my best friend's apartment. I have grown to accept this, for I am not missing out on much when it comes to eating on-campus food. Although it is delicious, there are not many healthy options for me to choose from.


Tuesdays are for getting my life together. After getting through Monday, I like to plan the rest of my week in advance and write down exactly when I will get my assignments done. Being in college has taught me how much of a planner I actually am and how much of an impact it has on my life. Without planning ahead of time, my life would be a hot mess!


Wednesday is the busiest day of the week for me. I have the most classes this day and since it is the middle of the week, I tend to have the most anxiety on this day. Luckily, I recently discovered that a yoga class is offered at 8 in the evening so I began going to that a couple of weeks ago and have loved every minute of it!

Wednesday is also the day where two of my church groups meet and sometimes it boils down to choosing between them because I enjoy both of them equally. Lastly, this day is the day where my TASEM (Tech Association of Students in Electronic Media) meets. So imagine cramming all of these events into one day. It is fairly hectic but in the best way possible! I live for this day!


I have always loved Thursdays. It is the day before Friday and a reminder that I got through the week. It also is one of my most mellow days which is fantastic for me. I only have one class on this day which isn't until noon. I get to sleep in, eat breakfast, get a little homework done, and head to my only class of the day. Sounds great right? It is. Thursday is a reminder of how nice college can be!


I've finally made it to my favorite day of the week. It happens to be one of my busier days too, but hey, at least it is Friday. Just by walking to each of my classes, I can tell that everyone has pep in their step on this day! It makes my day a lot better to see others in a good mood. After a happy day of celebrating the weekend, I like to make Friday night plans with friends. Whether it be going out to dinner or a movie, celebrating the fact that we got through a crazy week is always fun. Taking a break from constant homework within each of these days is never a bad thing either!


For me, Saturdays are unpredictable. In fact, I am writing this article right now on a Saturday. I leave this day blank in my planner because it is an extra day out of the week for me to do anything that still needs to be checked off my list. It is also a day in the weekend so I never know exactly what my plans are. I appreciate Saturdays a lot because without this day, the week would go from Friday to Sunday which sounds really disgusting altogether. We need Saturdays to breathe as college students!

Taking my week day by day helps me get the most out of this college experience. Every day is a new day here at Texas Tech and it is such an adventure. I hope you enjoyed this week's read and have a great rest of your day! On that note, WRECK EM TECH!