What The Boys And Girls Club Has Done For Me
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What The Boys And Girls Club Has Done For Me

The Boys and Girls club has made a huge impact on my life.

What The Boys And Girls Club Has Done For Me
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The Boys and Girls Club has made a huge impact on my life. Before the Boys and Girls Club I came from a place where I felt unwelcome, unwanted and unloved. My experience before coming to the club made a negative impact on my life. I played basketball with another team. I was always upset, I felt like every time I walked in I had everyone's eyes laid on me, and I felt like people instantly judged me before they even knew me. I wanted a change, fast. I do not like quitting. I finished up the year that I had with my previous organization, that was my freshman year of high school. I thought “is this how it is going to be for the next four years?” and “Am I always going to feel this way?” I knew that something needed to change for me to be happy again.

My sophomore year is when I decided that I wanted to come to the club. I had heard many good things prior to trying out for the basketball team. I walked in not knowing anybody, but that did not stop anyone from helping me. I was instantly welcomed at the door and was escorted back to the gym for basketball tryouts. I only knew a handful of girls. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I love making new friends. I felt welcomed at the club. Everyone always had a smile on their face. I was always given directions to help me to become a better person and athlete. No negative comments were ever directed towards me to make me feel uncomfortable. If I made a mistake someone was always right there giving me support from behind the scenes. My first year coach was one of the best that I have ever had. She shaped me into the athlete that I have become today. She never let me quit and told me to always keep playing until I heard a whistle blow. She and I had a wonderful relationship together. She made me feel like I was one of her own and that she genuinely cared about me. Most of the kids who belong to the club have been there since day one. Throughout my first year at the club I felt like I had been there just as long. Time was just a number and each day brought a new challenge for me. I ended my sophomore year the way I wanted, happy and stress free.

Starting my Junior year I got involved in many activities at the club like going on trips, doing community events and charity fundraisers. There were so many opportunities that I had right in front of me, I could not resist but to take them. Trusting people is a difficult task for me, but with the Boys and Girls Club it just came naturally. I knew that even if I failed or something did not work, I would have a backbone, which was the club. I also became very close with the activites director. She is the heart and soul of the club and everything funnels through her. She keeps everything with an upbeat tempo. She ended up becoming my basketball coach for my Junior year summer. I already knew this was going to be a good season. The prior year was incredible. She knew my strengths and weaknesses. She switched me to full gear and took advantage of everything that I had to offer.

Starting my Senior year basketball season for school was a season that I will never forget. I had a very rough year, but I felt a little relieved knowing that people from the club knew me and my story. Mid season was the game I dreaded the most, one of the most unforgettable days of my senior year. We played a team that we lost to in the playoffs in the previous season. My first year coach at the club was the coach of the opposing team. Also one of my very close friends and teammates played for them. A bittersweet moment since this would be the last time that I would be on the court with either of them. Five minutes passed,six minutes, halftime, third quarter and then the last 42 seconds of the game came around as the bench eagerly called my name. The 42 seconds seeped into my veins as time was slowly running down. 42,41,40.. This would be my last memory. 29,28,27… Of something that meant so much to me..11,10,9.. I knew I was going to burst..3,2,1. Endgame. Tears came rolling down my weary eyes. This could not be the memory as the last time I would be on the court with two people that meant the world to me. Two people who contributed everything they had to my basketball career. I felt embarrassed not being on the court. I felt embarrassed to be a senior bench player. My old Boys and Girls Club coach knew what I had. She knew I could bring a plenty of skills to the table. She had confidence in me. She saw potential. That is exactly how a coach should be win or lose. The score did not matter or the fact that I did not play. I mattered, she put me first. My feelings were at a ultimate high when I became upset.

These two ladies completely changed my perspective on the way I view myself and the world. They opened my eyes to a new horizon consisting of many milestones that they were able to share with me. Coming to the club made me appreciate life everyday. The club made me more aware of my surroundings and other people in my world. The club taught me to never give up, I had to keep pushing forward,never stop, for no one. They taught me that the only person who could push me is me. Yes, when coach said “baseline” I knew I had to give it my all. If I did not I would only be hurting myself. Through the club, things changed dramatically and for the better. I came from a place where I felt unwanted. The club shifted me into four wheel drive, and I could overcome any obstacle. The club is my second home. I wanted to share it with everyone. Always inviting people to events. Bragging about all the wonderful people I have met. Always with the biggest smile, when telling people all the amazing things that I have heard about the club. The club has made me into the person I am today, a better person. They have taught me everything from basketball to sportsmanship and multiple life lessons. Everytime I walk out of the club I feel the positive mark they made on me. I could not thank the club enough for all that they have done. They showed me that I needed to appreciate things a little more and worry a little less.

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