What Stressed Out College Students Need To Hear

What Stressed Out College Students Need To Hear

You will succeed, but your to-do list will not finish itself.

It's official. The first day of autumn has come, and summer is long gone. It may feel like your freedom is officially gone while staring at your endless to-do list that seems to only ever get longer, but try not to stress. College is suppose to be the best four years of our lives, right? But it is hard to enjoy something when you are stuck in your room studying, writing papers, and calculating assignments all day long. College is about finding a balance between classes, homework, clubs, and trying to have a social life.

You're not alone

It can seem like everyone has their whole lives planned out from this moment on, but the truth is that no one knows how their life will really pan out. Instead of comparing how successful and organized that person is that sits in front of you in class is, focus on what your next step is. Don't try to figure out your whole life, just try to focus on what you're doing tonight.

It is okay to take a break and have fun

Yes, it is perfectly okay to leave the library to grab dinner with your friends, or watch an episode of Netflix before finishing a big essay. Take a break every single day to do something for yourself, instead of stressing over every little thing. Balancing your schedule out can be hard, and some weeks you will spend more time staring at your laptop screen, but eventually you will see the end of the to-do list.

You are important, and so is your health

We all know that pulling an all-nighter is bad for our health, but if staying up all night to cram for a test is the only way to succeed, it might be worth it. Be sure to remember to eat healthy, get plenty of sleep the next night, and take care of your mental health as well. Your body will thank you later.

Give it your best, but it may not be perfect

Failing one exam does not make you a failure. One bad grade will not ruin your entire GPA, so don't let it ruin your whole week. Many straight A students in high school are shocked to find out that college is a lot more demanding. As long as you put effort into everything you do, you can never completely fail knowing that you tried your best.

You will be successful

Take a step back from staring at your endless to-do list and think about the future. After you graduate, get an amazing job, and start becoming the real adult you dream to be, you will thank yourself for all of the hard work you put into (almost) every assignment. In a few years, you will be able to reap the benefits from all of the hard work you are doing right now.

So take a break from homework sometime soon and enjoy the crisp fall weather that is on its way. Classes can seem tough and the to-do list won't finish itself, but everyone knows that you can do this. Your future self will thank you for all of the time you are investing in your career.

To all of my friends struggling in school right now, I believe in you.

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19 Things About Being a Nursing Major As Told By Michael Scott

Michael just gets it.

If you're a nursing major, you relate to the following 19 things all too well. Between your clinical encounters and constant studying, you can't help but wonder if anyone else outside of your major understands the daily struggles you face in nursing school. And even though being the regional manager of Dunder Mifflin Paper Company, Inc. isn't the same as being a nursing major, Michael Scott does a pretty accurate job of describing what it's like.

1. When your professor overloads your brain with information on the first day of class.

2. Realizing that all your time will now be spent studying in the library.

3. Being jealous of your friends with non-science majors, but then remembering that your job security/availability after graduation makes the stress a little more bearable.

4. Having to accept the harsh reality that your days of making A's on every assignment are now over.

5. When you're asked to share your answer and why you chose it with the whole class.

6. Forgetting one item in a "select all that apply" question, therefore losing all of its points.

7. When you're giving an IV for the first time and your patient jokingly asks, "This isn't your first time giving one of these, right?"

8. You're almost certain that your school's nursing board chose the ugliest scrubs they could find and said, "Let's make these mandatory."

9. Knowing that you have an important exam that you could (should) be studying for, but deciding to watch Netflix instead.

10. Getting to the first day of clinical after weeks of classroom practice.

11. When you become the ultimate mom-friend after learning about the effects various substances have on the human body.

12. Running off of 4-5 hours of sleep has become the new norm for you.

13. And getting just the recommended 7-8 hours makes you feel like a kid on Christmas morning.

14. You have a love-hate relationship with ATI.

15. When your study group says they're meeting on a Saturday.

16. Choosing an answer that's correct, but not the "most" correct, therefore it is wrong.

17. And even though the late nights and stress can feel overwhelming,

18. You wouldn't want any other major because you can't wait to save lives and take care of others.

19. And let's be honest...

Cover Image Credit: YouTube

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10 Netflix Suggestions For Your 'Hurrication'

High-quality entertainment for this low-quality weather.


If you live in South Carolina and have entered a grocery store, it's clear to see that it is hurricane season. Flooding and hurricanes have occurred four years in a row, making this weather pretty normal around this time. This year, hurricane Florence is predicted to hit the Carolinas directly. Students may be thankful for the break to catch up on school work or may even evacuate home. Regardless, weather like this calls for a nap and binge-watching Netflix.

Whether you're working hard or bored at home, here are 10 Netflix suggestions for your hurricane break.

Criminal Minds

Who doesn't love a good crime show? This series has been one of my favorites since my freshman year of high school. It's about serial killers and FBI profilers who catch them. It also shows how the team copes with these situations in and out of the office. There are twelve seasons and almost 280 episodes, which should hopefully be more than enough to get you through the hurricane.

When We First Met

This movie is about a guy who finds a time machine that takes him back to the night he supposedly met the love of his life. He keeps changing things in hopes to eventually win the girl over. It's full of comedy and definitely worth the watch.


This series is about a small town that has a lot of secrets and drama. Teenagers have to deal with their family drama and figure out what led to the death of one of their fellow classmates. Cole Sprouse is one of the main characters, so that's a reason in itself to watch. It only has two seasons so far but is full of crime, mystery and plot twists.

Brain on Fire

This is a movie based on a journalist who got an unknown illness that caused her to become hospitalized. Doctors could not give her a diagnosis but her family was determined to find one. This movie was based upon true events which makes it so much more interesting. Chloë Grace Moretz is the lead and does an amazing job as the actress.

Gossip Girl

Anything with Blake Lively is worth watching, so here's a series that she's famously known for. These shows take place in Manhattan and show what drama private-school teens can get into. While they think they can get away with these malicious acts, a mysterious blogger is watching their every move and posting all of the tea.

Last Chance U 

This series is based on football players that have gone through hardships. They go to junior colleges in hopes to turn their lives around and make it on a professional team. The show presents how hard the players work as well as their teachers and coaches. It also shows what they do in the classroom, not just the field. There are four seasons, three pertaining to the first junior college, EMCC and the other about a totally different junior college in Indiana.

The Kissing Booth

Elle, played by Joey King, and her best friend have a set of rules they live by. One is that older brothers are off limits to date. Elle is secretly crushing on her best friend's brother but doesn't want to ruin their friendship. Eventually, she has to decide who to choose.

The Flash

I'm not one for superhero shows but I ended up loving these. The cast is perfect for this series and especially Grant Gustin, who plays The Flash. There are four seasons, so pace yourself; you'll binge watch them so quick you won't know what to do when they're over.

To All The Boys I've Loved Before

This is a romantic comedy that features an Asian-American woman, Lana Condor, as one of the leads. She writes letters to five of her crushes and keeps them in hiding until they are sent out. She then has to deal with the repercussions and ends up "pretend" dating one of the guys, Peter, who is played by Noah Centineo. Lana and Noah are a duo like no other, making this one of my favorite movies.


You could have guessed that this TV series was going to make the cut. A group of six friends in their twenties deals with love, drama and friendship over the course of ten years in New York. There are a total of 236 episodes, full of comedy and awkward situations. This series is the one you can't stop watching.

If you're drowning in assignments and need a break or just wishing you were back on campus (instead of at home), these recommendations should keep you occupied until we get back on a normal schedule.

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