It is nice to see our chapter growing even bigger, but it is also kind of sad. Because it means we are getting older and soon we will be seniors.

1. Conversations:

So, you would think asking girls questions would not be that hard… well, it is. During recruitment, we would have some girls that would talk your head off. Others would give you a one-word answer. But honestly, it was so much fun talking to new people and seeing where everyone was from. I talked to one girl from California. She drove 33 hours to go to Mississippi State. Also, seeing how different each person's personality was also very interesting.

2. Clothes:

Buying clothes for pre-rush and rush can be very stressful. For pre-rush, we had a different theme every day for the whole week. So, my dumb self went all out and spent so much money on outfits just for pre-rush. But, it was totally worth it. Now for the actual rush is a totally different story. I had to find a sky blue short dress and that is not as easy as you think. It took me about three weeks to find just a sky blue dress. Then I had to find a long navy blue dress and I struggled to find one of those also. I ended up just ordering the navy blue dress off of Amazon for $15.

3. Bid Promising:

Literally, anything can be bid promising. If you even say "See you later" or "See you tomorrow" it can be considered a bid promise. We could not let a girl leave the house with a cup, a napkin, or a straw without it being a bid promise. Which I think is so stupid because it is literally just a cup.

4. Getting New Members:

Getting a new member is the best feeling in the world. I was so excited to get new girls and meet my new sisters! Having a bid day buddy and seeing how happy she is when she runs to you, is indescribable. These girls are so excited to be home. Getting new members is so much fun because you have new people to talk to and hang out with. Also, it is fun showing them around the house and around campus. I loved just hanging out with them and going to eat with. It is amazing to see where they are from and why they chose to go to Mississippi State. The new members are all so beautiful and kind.