You Don't Have To Be A Size 0 To Be Beautiful
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I'm Tired of my size determining my beauty

No physical factor should decide my worth.

I'm Tired of my size determining my beauty
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After getting my feelings stepped all over about a month and a half ago, I finally decided to give boys a try again! (mistake number one). So, I did what all cute college girls do, I redownloaded Tinder and started swiping.

At first, I was thriving, yanno, causally swiping, living my best life & then I got a message that said "your fat but I'd still tap it wearing a bathing suit when you look like that scores you confidence points". My initial response is to correct his grammar, then the bathing suit comment...For reference, the picture he was talking about was is the cover of this article.

Said picture took me 25 minutes to take because I was scared & I only took it because my best friend is the greatest hype woman of all time. I'll admit, it's one of my favorite pictures and I do look oh so good, but here's the question: if I look good, why does it matter if I wear a 2, 12, 22, 452?

I've had so many people decide I was "an amazing girl! but.." and then make me feel bad about my size. I take care of myself, I don't eat terribly, I'm physically active, I work, I do everything a girl in a size two does. Sooo? Where is your room to limit my beauty because of my size?

I used to hate my body, hate everything about it honestly. I spent two years conditioning myself, understanding why my body is the way it is and learning to love it. Every curve, every bump, every bruise, every a doesn't matter if I'm not as skinny as Selena Gomez or as "thicc" as Kim K, I am exactly every bit of who I am supposed to be. No more, no less.

This one isn't just for bigger girls. For my tiny girls, my uneven girls, my tall girls, short girls, girls with freckles, acne, big titties, lil titties, no titties, girls who were born into the wrong body, girls who are still learning how to love themselves and girls who will scream it from the rooftops. I will support you, shower you in love and compliments because you are so beautiful and the sooner we can learn to love ourselves, the quicker we can save this messed up the world by loving each other.

For more awful selfies or to be showered in my love and compliments, my ig is @lexie.722 (:

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