5 Things Older Generations Can Learn From Millennials
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5 Things Older Generations Can Learn From Millennials

We can learn a thing or two from each other.

5 Things Older Generations Can Learn From Millennials
Maggie Sheahan

During their prime, baby boomers set the pace for a new and accepting way of living not only in the United States but across the globe. They weren't afraid to stand up for what they believed in and make their opinions known. As time passed, the future they laid out for themselves reflected on todays millennials.

What the older generation doesn't understand is the way we live our lives radically different than what they laid out for us. Millennials, like baby boomers, are opinionated but they have the advantage of technology, openminded attitudes, and embrace change as it's thrust upon them.

They have their lifestyle, political, and value differences but ultimately stand up for what they believe is right. We forget that our parents were our age and they had their fair share of reckless times.

1. Technology As A Platform For Expression

Technology is an amazing resource offered to spread news, opinions, events, and more to benefit a person or community. It is also the biggest curse of our society as we know it. It can be manipulative and deceitful if not used to its fullest potential.

What millennials do know is how to operate this platform to benefit their thoughts and expression. 13-20 year olds on the media are some of the most creative individuals in society and older generations can learn to not be fearful of using their voices or channeling their true self. The thoughts that millennials have they have zero fear of sharing and being exposed.

2. Open-Mindedness

We like to believe that everyone is openminded and accepting to everyone. In some cases, older generations tend to pass judgement especially on millennials from their life choices even to their clothing. Younger generations are growing up in a more diverse society with more social acceptance and change.

3. Risk Taking

Parents feel the need to make a plan and stick to a strict schedule. In our case, millennials never plan anything; they just pick up and go. They do what they want and don't think about repercussions. Which is absolutely a disadvantage but makes for a remarkable journey of experiences. This makes for more lasting memories and learning experiences.

Millennials take risks to achieve their aspirations in their future careers and will do whatever it takes to get what they want. Young adults don't conform.

4. Embrace Change

Adults are used to a system and things making sense and being the way they are, no questions asked. In the case of young people, we make the change. We know what we want and we fight for it. Without a change of pace, life would be dull.

5. Value Experiences

Rather than having physical objects, young adults value relationships and life experiences. We don't have a care for flashy belongings, massive houses, or nice cars. Although those are nice things, we are too passionate about others and things we love to care about anything else. Millennials value going to concerts with friends, having a shoulder to lean on, and doing whatever they want, where they want.

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