What Not To Wear This Summer

What Not To Wear This Summer

With all the different activities going on it's hard to be comfortable and happy all the time, but keep this in mind.

Rebecca Ross

Summer is my favorite time of the year and I love going out and having a ton of fun with my family and friends. There's just so much to go out and do: swimming, tanning, playing outside, working, complaining about the temperature. However, I have found some things that just aren't the best to wear during the summer:

Thick Clothing

You’re more likely to overheat and that’s just not really good for your body. Try to wear clothes that allow your body to breathe more as the temperature rises in order to stay as safe as possible.


Your body may look amazing so take some pictures, but bring shorts or such with you so that if you’re getting too warm you can do a dramatic outfit change and look just as great as before but get a whole new round of compliments.

Yoga Pants

It’s easier to see sweat in these so they aren’t the ideal bottom when going out on those hot summer days. We all get sweaty and it starts to become uncomfortable when we know others can see just how sweaty we are. Save those for the cooler days or for home so that you can look and feel your best.

Constant Sneakers

Many people look wearing sneakers in the summer, but for some, it can cause them to get athletes foot due to all the sweat for long periods of time. Put your best foot forward and wear shoes that allow for your feet to cool off a little bit more.


Looking tan is great, especially during the summer when it seems like everyone (but me) has that summer glow. However, self-tanners usually have a ton of chemicals in them that are just terrible for your skin. Love your body and use that sun screen to get tan enough to look great, but without nearly as many chemicals.

Baby Oil

Once again, trying to get that tan is great but when you use baby oil you’re much more likely to end up with a sun burn. Avoid those painful days (as someone who always ends up burning I know how it is not fun) and try to tan at a more natural pace.

Your Hair Always Down

Your hair may look great, but you may not always be comfortable. Don’t sacrifice your comfort for the look, hun. Try to wear your hair up more during these months so you can feel just as great as you look.

Tight Skirts All the Time

If you’re anything like me and have thick thighs, then try to alternate for loose skirts/dresses sometimes to avoid chafing. During these hot summer months when you’re usually sweaty it seems to be so much harder to avoid chafing, which ends up being incredibly painful. Go for the looser clothing or capris/pants to try and avoid it a little more.


Leather may look great and no one else may be wearing it, but it’s not breathable at all and you’re so likely to overheat. Save it for the colder months when you’ll look just as great but be way more comfortable.

Anything Else That Makes You Uncomfortable

If you don’t feel like wearing it, don’t. Also, don’t cover up your body for anyone else’s sake. If your boyfriend/girlfriend doesn’t want you wearing something, wear it anyway if you want to. You’re an independent person capable of wearing what makes you feel comfortable. Obviously don’t break any laws and try to avoid getting dress coded at school/work, but still try to be as comfortable as possible.

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