We've all had those moments while packing for a vacation when we pick something up to put in our suitcase, and that little voice in our head goes "do you really need to take that?" The smart people listen to that little voice and tuck the item safely back where it belongs. But the other 95 percent of us go ahead and pack it because "just in case." For all of you, here are some things you definitely shouldn't forget to pack this year.

1. Tons of tanning oil

If you don't come back to school with a tan, did you even go on spring break? Don't bring any sunscreen- SPF and good skin care are so overrated. You want to pack as much tanning oil as possible so you can back to school super dark as a signal that yeah, you went somewhere cool over spring break.

2. Three or four extra outfits

Who knows -- you might end up going out to a fancy dinner each night! Maybe you should bring your formal dress just in case?? You should definitely use all of the extra room in your suitcase to pack clothes you probably won't wear instead of leaving room for souvenirs. Borrowing from siblings/friends is so overrated.

3. Your nicest RayBans

No, you're totally not going to lose them on the beach! They definitely won't be caked in sunscreen and sand. And there's no way you'll crush them in the bottom of your beach bag. Bring them just for the Insta value.

4. Your dignity

"I'm so glad that I didn't drink too much, that I stayed out of the sun, and had a safe, responsible trip," said no one on spring break ever.

5. Your favorite jewelry

Since you're not going home for break, it's perfectly logical that because you miss your family, you should bring a precious family heirloom on vacation to feel closer to them. Earrings from grandma? Necklace from your mom?? Nothing bad would ever happen to those.

6. A strapless bikini

Beach volleyball? Ocean wave frolicking? General drunken debauchery? For memories that your friends (and the cute guys you're trying to impress) will never let you forget, bring your most nip-slip worthy suit.

7. Lots of nice shoes for the beach

You should definitely wear your cute expensive flip flops on the beach! Because they won't get ruined by sand or sunscreen and you probably definitely won't lose them somewhere. Leave your trust Old Navy flipflops at home.

8. A few towels

If you're going to the beach/pool, you definitely need to bring your own towels. Hotels never give you pool towels, and no town by the beach would sell towels to tourists! By all means, waste some space in your small suitcase with a towel for each day.