The minuscule imperfections of life can sometimes take over without us even realizing it.

We are so quick to worry about things like body image, interaction with negative people, politics, exams, drama, social media etc we often forget to cherish the things that empower us. We have fallen so deeply into an everyday routine we are blind to the beauty of things like nature and good company, which lay right in front of us.

The simple fact that we have been blessed with another year, month, even day is something to take a step back and be thankful for. So in this new year to come I vow to take a step back more often.

By appreciating the sunset and the way it never looks the exact same. By going through my contacts and reconnecting with people I’ve lost touch with. Every person I love I will make sure they are aware of it.

By taking my dog to the beach and taking time just to sit and listen to the sound of the waves. By setting aside time for myself, sitting in a coffee shop and grasping the feeling of independence. By taking pride in who I am and never letting another person interfere with my confidence due to their own insecurity.

By traveling to every destination I am capable of and taking a ton of pictures while doing so. By not spending more than a small portion of my time “worrying” because life is so much more than that.

I will explore different local business in towns and places I am unfamiliar with, listen to music with a deeper insight and invest in tickets to create unforgettable memories. I will take more road trips, plan more things to look forward to and spend more time creating things.

I will go out of my way to make people smile both that I don't know personally and that I've known forever. I will fill my time productively while also appreciating nights staying in with great company.

So I encourage you to live all of the years to come embracing the things we forget to make time for and if this is something you have already realized I praise you. Striving for a successful future should always be a goal in life but, while achieving that, we should absorb the beautiful life we are given.

Heres to positive aspirations, being surrounded by people who care for you and taking a moment to appreciate the small things. May the upcoming year bring you happiness, good health and much love.