I moved away from Music City for less than a year and my heart has never missed a place more. I am in complete awe of the effect that this city has had on my life. From 12th South to Broadway and every section of the city in between, I have learned to believe in a beautiful city with never ending dreams. Here's what I miss about Nashville on the daily...

1. 12th South

I miss the “hustle” and “bustle” of a busy 12th South on Saturday mornings. I miss the smell of Five Daughters Bakery during the stroll from one boutique to the next. I miss the change of inventory with the change of seasons at the tiny market lot located at the heart of 12th South. From beautiful flowers in the spring, to vegetables in the summer, to pumpkins and gourds in the fall, and finally, a beautiful array of Christmas trees come the Holiday season. I miss two for one Tuesdays at MAfs. I miss grabbing a popsicle at Las Paleta’s and taking an afternoon stroll in Sevier Park with my pup. I miss laughing with friends outdoors at Bar Taco over a Margarita and some churros. I miss 12th South.

2. Broadway

I miss the endless amounts of tourists just getting way too shit faced to remember the night. I miss the rooftop bar at ACME. I miss the ridiculously loud music protruding from each bar as I walk by. I miss the blinding lights that never seem to go dull. I miss the short Uber ride down to Cook Out on West End after a night filled with too much Tequila. I miss hopping from bar to bar and never getting tired of it because each one is so different from the next. I miss watching people fall off of the bull at Tequila Cowboy. I miss walking through the Country Music Hall of Fame for hours on end because I can never learn enough about the history of Nashville and Country Music. I miss concerts at the Ryman Auditorium and Preds Hockey games at Bridgestone. I miss CMA Fest. I miss Broadway.

3. The Music

I miss the never-ending songwriters that move to Nashville every day to chase a dream we all have. I miss the quaint song writer’s rounds that are held in almost every coffee shop attic in town. I miss hearing true talent from a bar window as I pass by. I miss the endless inquires of writer’s writing together. I miss the common misconception that the only genre of music found within the city is Country. I miss the talent that comes from students all over the city from Belmont University to MTSU and everywhere in between. I miss Music Row and the history that surrounds such a narrow street. I miss the Music.

4. The Gulch

I miss the ridiculously long line just to get some biscuits and gravy at Biscuit Love. I miss the endless possibility of seeing someone famous walk down the street. I miss my sweet little apartment overlooking the city skyline. I miss the smell of real leather as I walk past The Frye Company. I miss the sweetest treat of a milkshake from Burger Republic. I miss the fresh juice and healthy servings from the Turnip Truck. I miss the Gulch.

5. Hillsboro Village

I miss the Giant Teepee outside of the pop-up shop for Tribe Kelly. I miss the endless Pancake Pantry line, just to find that when I get in, the pancakes are just okay. I miss the tiny vintage book store with books piled high to the ceilings. I miss Fido and it's horrible Wifi connection. I miss Jeni's Ice Cream and the outrageous flavors they have to offer. I miss The Grilled Cheeserie and their ability to make a killer milkshake to go along with the grilled cheese. I miss Hillsboro Village.


I miss the leaves falling to the ground and crunching beneath my feet as I walk. I miss the way that when it rains, it rains for days at a time and the whole city is a puddle of water. I miss the way that everyone there believes in the same thing. They all believe in Nashville.

It's a city of dreams and I believe in it whole heartedly.

I miss Nashville... I miss it every day.