What It Looks Like To Be A Servant Who Leads
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What It Looks Like To Be A Servant Who Leads

It doesn't look like Donald Trump.

What It Looks Like To Be A Servant Who Leads

In today's world, it can be hard to hear the statement, "To lead, you have to be a servant." We live in a society that tells us that leading requires assertiveness and an unwillingness to bow down to another's will. Donald Trump has gained an insane amount of support, and many of his supporters say they like him because he doesn't back down from a fight or because he tells it like it is. But is Donald Trump the kind of leader we actually want?

I have spent the last seven months at an internship at a local church. I work in family ministry, and my main role is to recruit, train and lead a team of volunteers once a month in our children's space on Sunday mornings. I also get to attend staff meetings, organize events and make connections with people in the church. I have spent the last three months as a student leader in a group that connects that church to my campus. In this role, I lead a bible study and invite people into community with me and my church. I have a non-church job as a resident assistant (RA) on a Year One floor of a residence hall. I get to help people adjusting to college life make decisions and resolve conflicts.

However, my day-to-day is not as glamorous as I made it sound. I make a lot of calls asking for help from volunteers, from parents or from my various supervisors. I make sure the children I work with have a safe, fun environment and that I've dug out all the supplies and rechecked the lesson so that they can have a rewarding experience.

I spend hours preparing bible studies that are tailored to whomever may come so that everyone feels comfortable and can take something from what we talk about. I put in work orders at the requests of my residents, and I deliberately put myself in messy situations to ensure the security and happiness of the people I share a community with.

I used to get unreasonably frustrated with myself. I wondered why the heck I would put myself in situations where I was most likely going to not be liked or be rejected. I didn't understand why I would put so much effort and work into things that had little or no reward for me. I thought about quitting many times. However, every time I thought I needed to get out, God gently reminded me of His plans for me. I was reminded of Jesus.

When Jesus wanted peace and quiet, but the crowds followed Him, He didn't turn them away. When people begged for healing, food or freedom, He provided. He didn't grumble or procrastinate. He was patient and loving and giving. We are called to live as He did.

I am a servant because He was and is a servant. I am a servant because He calls me to be a servant. I am a servant because I follow Him. My life is seldom as glamorous as it looks on a resume. And yet, I love every single second of it. I don't get frustrated by people that knock on my door for printer paper at midnight. I don't get upset when my lesson doesn't go exactly as planned. When stress starts to get the best of me, I am reminded to breathe by the people God has placed in my life. I am not a servant to my hectic schedule. I am a servant to God, His Cause, and the people He has called me to "lead."

I'm no Donald Trump. I will never have a slogan or a special hat. I will have love, respect and real relationships with people. And I am totally OK with that.

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