Fraternity houses tend to have an 'odd' smell.

Sometimes it smells like stale beer and bad decisions, other times it's that pizza on the couch no one wanted to clean up.  Fraternity houses usually don't smell like normal houses, sometimes you even forget people actually live there.

Toilet paper can be like a game of needle in the haystack.

If I took a shot of whiskey every time I went to use the bathroom and there wasn't any TP, I'd always be drunk. Well I'm usually drunk anyways, so that's a bad analogy, but the point is TP is hard to come by in a house overrun with college dudes.

Sometimes girls feel weird coming over...or leaving the next morning.

It all depends on the girl but some girls have a stigma against going to a fraternity house, especially when it's not for a party. Most find the awkwardness when they're trying to find their way out in the morning. Even girlfriends will sometimes be weird about it. What's so weird about seeing you in nothing but my bro's shirt during breakfast?

When you buy yourself food, you buy everyone food.

If you're going to keep your own food in a fraternity house, lock and key is the only secure way. You don't leave food out expecting your brothers not to try it. That doesn't just go for storing food either, if you order a pizza better order ten pizza's to account for everyone 'only asking for one slice'.

Studying upstairs during a party can be frustrating.

I've never run into this problem, mostly because I don't study. I could see how a raging fraternity party could be distracting to someone studying. I guess that's why they kicked us out of the library for playing beer pong and trap music.

Random people will be in your house and it will piss you off.

Whether it's 10 A.M. or 10 P.M., random people in your house will catch you off guard. How did they get here? Who are they? And most importantly: who do they know here?

Things tend to 'get broken'.

You don't bring your prized snow-globe collection to school, let alone a fraternity house. Anything that isn't made of rubber, plastic, Kevlar, or paper will get broken by accident, and occasionally on purpose.

Crowd-funding stupid ideas makes them less stupid, right?

Whether its a spontaneous pool-themed party on a Wednesday or buying (not renting) a bouncy house for the front lawn, it costs less with more like-minded people behind it.

There's an abundance of stupid party-themed costuming, for just the occasion.

If you need a costume in pinch, no better place to find anything and everything you need than a fraternity house. It's like the Costco of random costumes.

Anytime is an appropriate time to play drinking games.

Even 1 A.M. on a Tuesday can be a perfectly good time to play a casual game of beer pong. Actually that's the best time to play a game or ten.