To My Long Distance Soul Sister
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To My Long Distance Soul Sister

Thank you for everything you do from a million miles away.

To My Long Distance Soul Sister

The day you left I cried my head off like I'd been shot in the foot. I tried to be strong for the "family" we have, but I broke down like a little baby. I miss having you around every day.

Our friendship isn't the average one. We go days, weeks and months without seeing each other and yet it's as if nothings changed.

For starters, we're total opposites. The only things we have in common cause cancer and shoot people. But hey, what's better than having a country girl for a best friend? Nothing. Not a thing. You and I vibe together like peanut butter and chocolate. We're a little weird when you first see us, but nothing beats us together.

There is nobody I'd rather get mud under my nails for. And there is nobody I'd rather be stuck in the middle of the countryside with. Literally, you're my first choice to be stuck with in a snake infested, bug covered, dark, spooky cornfield.

We've only been friends since December 2014, but I feel like I've known you for literally ever. Because there are times when I get dé jà vu and think "that must have been her as a kid." It's usually when I read a story about a kid accidentally shooting someone or see a kid punch someone. But hey, we all have our quirks.

I seriously wouldn't have made it through my freshman year of college without you. Literally, nobody ever provided me with such comfort and such illegal stories. You're the Thelma to my Louise. You're going to be the reason I get arrested in the future. And I know when that day comes, and we're sitting in that little 4x6 cell, we're going to look at each other and wonder who's dumb idea got us in there.

It'll probably be mine. I usually don't think my plans through, which is why I'm so glad I have you to say "No, we're not going to stab anyone" or my personal favorite "stab him, I'll bail you out of jail!"

I miss having you by my side because, like, what's better than drinking a cold beer out of a tumbler on the beach with your best friend? Nothing. Except, it was usually cold when we went outside.

I miss being able to make stupid memories with you, like when you got your wisdom teeth out or when I first played hide and seek in McNulty with you. It's hard having a soul sister that's 500 miles away. Every day I wake up to snaps of you and that Goddamn feral cat on a golf cart and it makes me sad that I'm not there laughing at your allergies acting up with your new cat friend.

Thank you for everything you did for me while you were here, and even everything you do from a million miles away. Thank you for swiping me some coffee or letting me sleep off a hangover in your bed. Thanks for being my safe place and my person to cry to when the world tumbled down on me. And thank you for letting me be the one to hold your hand through the hard times. I will literally never meet another soul like you because you are truly one in a billion. Honestly, I'd be scared if there was two of you. I can barely handle one!

I swear I will be visiting soon, then our new lives can merge and we can shoot some beer cans and get dirt under fresh manicures. I can't wait to tell you "Dude you look rough" in the morning. I can't wait to finally see you. The countdown begins now, see you soon.

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