What I've learned having cats

On November 16, 2015 I got two cats! Their names are Tiger and Midnight. I never had cats before, so I didn't know what to expect. I got them on whim and wanted to be the best cat mom possibly. It was quite the surprise for my parents. I'll never forget the look on my moms face, or my dads voice when they found out I was getting two cats. Sorry mom and dad! I wish I had gotten cats sooner in life because its been such a blessing having them. I've learned so much from them. They've been right by my side through everything, and know how to cheer me up. Here are the 12 things I've learned in the three years of having my cats.

1. Love/selflessness

My cats constantly want to be around me. They greet me at the door when they hear my car pull into the driveway, they meow at me every time they see me, and they do life with me. I want a man that loves me the way my cats love me.

2. How to be mature 

I got my cats five days after my 18th birthday. Most 18 year old kids stay out a lot, and I refused to do that because I knew I had cats at home waiting for me. I don't like leaving them alone with too long.

3. How to be a mother

Having cats is just like having kids, just a little bit cheaper! They rely on me, and I raise them. I'm constantly asking "What do you have in your mouth?" just like a mother asks her child. I take control of my finances because I have to support them.

4. Who to associate with

Cats can sense who's a good person, and who's not. If my cats don't like you, I probably won't associate with you much.

5. How to be cautious

Cats are very careful animals. Before they do something like jump, they make sure they can make it and then jump. They taught me how to make careful decisions. Making decisions without careful thought doesn't always work out well.

6. Never give up!

Cats are always so determined to achieve whatever they put their mind too. My cats are motivated, and never give up until they achieve their goals. I learned to never give up on my dreams because of them.

7. Naps are life

Cats are always napping and we all know that naps are life. When you wake up from a nap, you feel like a different person. Sometimes all you need is a nap and you'll feel so much better.

8. Demand respect

Cats demand respect, and you should too! They expect to be pet when they want, and if you pet them the wrong way you might get bit or scratched. They taught me how to not accept less from others, and demand respect.

9. Companionship

My cats like to be around me. Even if they aren't cuddling me, they are happy with just simply being in the same room as me. I learned that it's okay to want companionship. As much as we like to say we don't need someone, sometimes we do.

10. Alone time

Sometimes I go hours without seeing my cats. While they enjoy spending time with me, they enjoy doing their own thing too and thats fine! They taught me that wanting to be alone is necessary.

11. Sun is good for the soul

My cats are constantly sun bathing. The sun makes them happy, and that taught me that the sun is amazing for you.

12. Selflessness

When they're sleeping on me I'm stuck in that position because I don't want to wake them up or make them uncomfortable. I learned to be selfless and put them before me.

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