What It's Really Like On College Move-In Day
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Student Life

What It's Really Like On College Move-In Day

You can make it.

What It's Really Like On College Move-In Day

Now whether you're a returning student or brand new, moving to college is always exciting. You're back at school, with all your friends and making yet another step towards having a successful future. Of course being at your amazing University doesn't mean that there won't be a few bumps along the way. One that many people don't talk about is the havoc that is move-in day. While in the movies it looks fun and exciting, in reality it is extremely stressful and you probably don't even have an idea what is happening half the time. Here are just a few things that will probably happen on your move in day.

1) Struggling to figure out where you have to park to unload all your stuff.

It's not only you but the thousands of other students trying to move in, and if it comes down to it your Dad may just have to brawl with another family to get that golden parking space.

2) Getting lost in your own residence hall trying to find your room.

And then when you finally do find your room you have to make three more trips to your car to unload all the stuff you "just had to have with you". Basically, it will be all regret.

3) Realizing you have to unpack all the stuff you just spent so much time packing at home.

When all you really want to do is get food to reward yourself for even making it this far.

4) Saying goodbye to your parents.

You love them like crazy, but it's your time to shine now. (You can cry to yourself later if you have too).

5) Leaving all your unpacking for later.

So when you're procrastinating or hanging with new friends instead of unpacking, you will finally get to your room later that night and hate yourself when you realize that all you want to do is ANYTHING but unpack.

6) Go on an adventure through your dorm because all you really want to do is find you friends/meet all the people on your floor.

Because what's college without some amazing people to be by your side as you destroy your liver?

7) Meet your roommate.

They can either make your college experience the best or worst, so just be nice and remember they're human too.

8) Walk around campus and try not to get lost/see all the freshman walking around with maps.

It's okay freshies, no matter what anyone says, we've all been there.


Although move-in day is a major pain, just remember how worth it it will all be once you have the best time ever at college. A little hard work never killed anyone right? And if you thought move-in day was fun, just wait till move-out. The fun just never ends.

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