What It's Like To Write For The Odyssey

What It's Like To Write For The Odyssey

Ever wonder what it's like to write for this website? Wonder no more!

Deanna Nicolari

Like most people on this site, I was always told that I had a gift for writing.

So sometimes, I like to think of this website where all the "gifted" writers gather to write about pointless things–but in a good way.

Personally, I don't like being restricted in my writing.

I like being able to write about whatever I want, however I want, with as many words as I could ever want.

So naturally, the Odyssey was perfect for me.

I first heard about it on Facebook, like many others. It was always those cheesy yet relatable articles titled something like, "An Open Letter To The Boy Who Taught Me What Love Is" or, "An Open Letter To The Friend Who Decided We Couldn't Be Friends Anymore."

Own up to it, you know you read them too (and probably loved them just as much as I did).

There was only a day between the time I found out I could apply to write and when I got accepted, which I think is pretty cool.

It started when I saw someone post on Facebook about becoming a writer for The Odyssey (and when I say someone, I mean someone I haven't talked to in like... 6 years. Awkward).

I looked at the post for only a matter of seconds before I made the decision that I, too, was going to apply. It seemed like a way bolder step than it was, I'll be honest.

As quickly as I possibly could, I filled out the application, and I was more excited than ever.

The next day, though, when I started getting phone calls from random numbers, I wasn't as much excited as I was scared.

I personally don't do too well when talking to strangers, so when I found out I had to talk over the phone, I wasn't too happy.

But I did it. I began the now-blurry conversation into joining the Odyssey.

I was asked a lot about myself. What my writing background is, and why I decided to apply. So I answered honestly.

I told him that I used to write for a website called quotev.com, and that I just genuinely loved to write.

But halfway into that phone call I got another phone call... from someone else at the Odyssey. I was more than confused, and it didn't help my nervousness situation, but it was just a small mix up.

After about 15-20 minutes on the phone, I had gotten the complete low-down on writing and editing and sending in.

It seemed so foreign then, but now I can do it in my sleep.

I submit articles for this lovely website once a week. And more often than not, I have no idea what to write about (yeah, this is one of those weeks).

Some weeks it can be stressful to have to write an article while in the midst of living my life, but it has to get done.

When I first started, I think I wrote 3 articles in one day. I decided that it would be better to have a lot of articles in advance because school had just started, and I didn't want to get caught up in too much.

That worked out really well.

But, like with most things, you slip into a slacker kind of mood, and I am writing this the night before it has to be turned in for editing. Which is okay with me as long as I get this submitted.

The Odyssey has given me such an amazing platform to share my ideas and my stories and life, and I'm so happy I started at it.

If you love to write, or if you're thinking it may be a good fit for you, I definitely recommend applying.

I write for the amazing New Paltz community, and I've met some of the funniest and coolest people through it.

I never knew there could be so many amazing writers around me, and it's a very humbling experience.

Seeing the amazing writing skills that these people have really showed me my place, and taught me some great tricks.

This started off as something questionable.

Something I definitely was not sure about.

I mean, sharing my article every week is still one of the hardest things I have to do, because I recently found out–people I didn't think were reading my article were actually reading them. Embarrassing, to say the least.

But it's the push I needed to start getting my writing out there, and give me the confidence I need.

Shout-out to the amazing New Paltz community here at The Odyssey!

We're not the closest group, but talking to you guys makes my day. Thank you so much for the love and support that is always sent my way.

Writing for the Odyssey is truly the greatest.

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