If you're working outside you are probably doing back-breaking work. Anything from pipelining to road work, the outdoor conditions are the same... and we know the struggles all too well.

1. Rain outs

There's nothing better than getting a text from boss man saying "rain out," especially when you're laying in bed listening to the rain; thinking about how awful it's going to be to work in it. Or after you spend a night playing rain roulette...

2. When it's so hot you could fry an egg on the sidewalk

It's not like you can strip down and keep on keeping on. Wearing all of your PPE is a must. Your safety glasses fog up, sweat starts dripping down from your hard hat, the sweat bees are flying around your safety vest... not good.

3. Or when it's colder than a well-diggers hind end 

Nothing is worse than being bundled up in bibs, a hoodie, your Carhartt jacket, gloves, two pairs of socks, insulated boots, and getting into a truck that has it's heat on full blast... then having a mini panic attack because you get so dang hot. We can't forget about the numb fingers and toes that typically don't gain feeling back until you get home for the night and take a hot shower.

4. Being unprepared

Walking half a mile to your destination and realizing you forgot a tool, or that pop up shower that the weatherman failed to warn you of...

5. Heating your lunch using the defrost in your truck

Or maybe a little torch if you're feeling fancy with your canned soup.

6. Using the blue house (Porta John)

Everyone knows that moment when you get about a mile away from the blue house and realize you've seriously got to go. Plus, there's always that one guy on the crew that carries around baby wipes.

7. Pale legs

Wearing jeans everyday results in legs brighter than the moon. So that's always something to look forward to when you go to the beach (if you ever get enough time off.)

8. Tan lines

Farmers tan... coon eyes... hard hat forehead... looks real good when you're out on a Friday night.

9. Steel toe VS composite boots

Everyone's got their preference.

10. Don't put your hands anywhere you wouldn't put your... most prized possession

That's all you really need to know.

11. Looking for lightning 

When the weatherman say's it's supposed to storm and you've been looking forward to it after a long week of work, so you come in planning to leave early.

12. Grilling on the job 

Nothing is better than when you're walking up to the truck for lunch, and you see someone firing up the grill.

13. Getting dirty first thing in the morning 

Whether it's getting soaked to your knees, covered in fuel, mud, hydraulic oil, or even tar; it sucks.

14. Having random phone numbers in your phone

Over time, you collect contacts that you forget about. But every once in a while you get a phone call and it's good to hear from old friends.

15. Constantly getting questioned about what you ACTUALLY do 

Every day at work is so different, and no job is the same. So when your friends and family ask what you do for a living, it's easier to just tell them you pipeline, or do road work, or something else along those broad terms.

Working outside is one heck of a job, regardless of what you're doing. But these 15 things are just a few of many that we know all too well.