10 Reasons Why Knowing Your Roommate Since Middle School Rocks.
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Student Life

10 Reasons Why Knowing Your Roommate Since Middle School Rocks.

"Can I borrow your Juicy sweatsuit?"

10 Reasons Why Knowing Your Roommate Since Middle School Rocks.
Charlotte Rosenberg

Middle school is a time in our lives that most of us would rather forget. It’s filled with braces and awkward body shapes, tween drama and 24 hour AIM relationships. Middle school was a time for us to try on different personalities and identities to see which one we liked the most. Long story short, no one enjoyed middle school. Fast-forward to college and it would seem impossible to think that anyone would ever see your frizzy hair and braces yearbook photo from 7th grade. But for me, my roommate knows exactly what picture I’m talking about because she was sitting right next to me. Here are 10 reasons why rooming with your middle school friend is better than any other roommate.

1. There was no awkward getting to know you period.

While your friends at different schools were frantically writing in the group chat about how weird their random roommate is, you and your hometown honey already opened up a bottle of wine and are watching Netflix. TG for no awk small talk.

2. The people in your hall will think it's weird you already have a picture of the two of you on the door.

And you better believe that inside has a collage of us ranging from middle school till now.

3. No one will be able to keep up with your inside jokes.

You'll never have to give a backstory at the beginning of a funny story on a random girl you sat next too in health class freshman year because both of you will actually know who you're talking about. At least it will be funny to one person in the group.

4. Your parents are their parents. And vice versa.

You have known their mom since she was your "class mom" in 6th grade. You know her specialty cupcake is chocolate and she plans really good birthday parties.

5. Carpooling home for the holidays.

No more mooching rides or public transportation. You have a set carpool buddy, and it rocks. Oh, and you automatically know her road trip playlist will be good because its filled with oldies from high school.

6. Not being embarrassed about the headgear you still wear to bed.

They have seen you at your worst. Period. They know how ugly you can get and they will never judge you for it.

7. The middle school themed party at school is your S*!T.

This theme was made for you and your roommate, and you will absolutely wear the same clothes from 7th grade.

8. Wine night is the best night.

Break out the high school yearbooks and merlot. You guys can bond over sharing middle school boyfriends and seeing where they are now.

9. We respect our alone time.

We are at the point in our relationship where we can be honest and say "GTFO". If they have seen one of your mental breakdowns from junior year, then they understand how important alone time is.

10. They'll be the best roommate you've ever had.

Knowing my roommate before college did not change my college experience or prohibit me from meeting new people. What we have learned is that we are just regular roommates, but with a bonus because we have been friends for so much longer than everyone else.
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