What It's Like To Easily Trust People

When you first meet someone, whether it be a new friend or even a potential love interest, usually you keep your guard up, if only for a little while.

At least until they gain your trust. You want to get to know this new person better and make sure that a mutual respect develops between the two of you. So of course, this takes time.

Or does it?

This article isn't meant for the people who are reluctant to trust people, but rather for those who easily trust people.

Easily interact with a new person and believe that they're worth having faith in.

Easily think the best of everyone they come in contact with, over and over again.

Easily get that trust that they've given out broken to pieces, taken advantage of, and diminished to nothing.

Completely nothing.

But do you let this bring you down? Does it cause you to build up a wall, now reluctant to let people in?

Nope. Far from it.

You somehow remain optimistic.

You forgive and forget.

You move on. On to the next one.

But this can be incredibly draining. All the scars from being stabbed in the back so many times simply serves as a reminder that wounds heal.

So you in turn believe wholeheartedly that life goes on.

Now don't get me wrong, it's not a horrible thing that you're so optimistic with people. But it's also a recipe for your downfall in the case of meeting people you know nothing about.

So because--shocker--I'm this exact type of person, take it from me: don't trust people so easily.

Instead, make others earn the treasure of your trust.

Make them work for it.

Don't necessarily act closed off, but pull back a little while getting to know someone. That way, your trust won't be taken advantage of anymore.

Always remember, your trust must be earned.

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