What It's Like To Be In An All-Girls Group Chat
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What It's Like To Be In An All-Girls Group Chat

I don't even think you're ready for this.

What It's Like To Be In An All-Girls Group Chat

Oh, the lovely group chat. What a wonderful yet horrid invention.

It makes talking to a bunch of people at once super easy. For instance, having all the roomies in one to discuss bills, chores, or the occasional embarrassing thing that happened over the weekend. It can also be the worst thing to ever happen to your life, like when your phone starts going off at 2:00 am, nonstop for 20 minutes because "Becca ran away after the house party to play in the water fountain on campus and Jillian can't find her". (True story, I'm Becca. Sorry friends).

I'm not about to sugar coat this. I'm about to be as real as they come on this topic. I think it's time everyone got a little taste of what it's like to be involved in an all girl group chat. Strap in.

1. Boys.

The biggest and most used reason for the all mighty group text is, of course, the spawns of Satan. Whether you know it or not, you are probably our favorite topic to discuss, mainly because you are blindsided by how mean and judgmental we can truly be. I can promise you that everything you have ever sent one of us, has been a screen shot and sent to the whole group. At this point, we are tearing into the context, and how much of a douche you are.

I'm not saying a single screen shot either. I'm saying pages and pages, days after days worth of conversations. Nothing you ever say is safe.

2. I know for my group chat the biggest topic for discussion is, ding ding ding, you guessed it, dropping out and becoming a stripper.

With the amount of homework, exams, papers, essays, discussions, group projects, and social life responsibilities, You'd be amazed how many times in a day we question why we put ourselves through this and don't just try to live life, the exotic way. Granted our parents would more than likely disown us, yet, that for some reason is never a factor in our discussion on this topic. #Sorry Mom

3. Tinder

This is one I can honestly say I've never been able to participate in. But if we talk about the boys we actually like, of course, we're going to talk about the boys we've never met. That's right. Tinder. I've been sent my fair share of screen shots of the weird men (or boys) Tinder profile pictures and their outrageous one-liners. It's rather hilarious to be a bystander and has me thanking the Lord I don't have to deal with this on a personal level. A little note to the men of Tinder: Yes, I don't know you, and no, you aren't talking to me, you've never seen me, or heard of me for that matter, but yes, I have seen the nudes you sent to my best friend. *insert upside down smiley face emoji*

4. Do not disturb is a lifesaver.

If you don't have an iPhone, or the option to turn your phone on Do Not Disturb, I am truly sorry. For those who have no idea what I'm talking about, you must also live under a rock. This little button keeps your phone on, so you still receive messages and phone calls but mutes everything. Back to my earlier statement, if when at 2 am and your group chat decided to blow up your phone while you're trying to sleep before you're 9am exam, it saves lives.

5. The Roll Call

Ahhhh, the all time favorite. After a rather interesting, yet, fun night out, you always have to text the group to make sure everyone's still alive. A simple "Roll Call" is all that's needed. Once everyone has responded and given the "A-Okay" text (no ones actually "A-Okay" just to clarify that. Continue), it's time to start trying to piece together what all exactly happened. Although it's nice to finally know what all happened, some things might be better left for the blackout to take care of.

6. Find My Friends.

That. Is. All.

7. I would like to give a shout out, to those less fortunate.

Thank you to the men who get put in these group chats and have to listen to the... not so pretty side of our lives. While we send out 87 pictures of our different outfits, talk about boys, spend way to much time talking about.... Well, I think we all get the picture. Thank you for sticking by our sides, and if you do judge us, thank you for saying you aren't.

8. Finally, if you haven't been able to experience a group chat with all females, I feel rather sorry for you.

I have never had the opportunity to be so close to a group of individuals in my life. To have these wonderful individuals in your life to help you with literally everything and anything. They listen to everything you have ever thought. Which is kind of sad and also a bit scary. They give the best advice, whether it's telling you how you truly deserve more than what you're getting or to take 8 shots of vodka (okay... maybe not the BEST advice).

But these are the people I see by my side no matter where life takes us. I thank them for dealing with my stubbornness, and for still wanting me in their lives after all the ridiculous things I've ever said or did. Thank you for being my girls.

Being in a group chat can be literal Hell, but it can also be one of the greatest topics to write an article about.

Shout out to my mains, Brandie, Kenna, and Lindsey for being my Group. Love Y'all, 60% of the time.

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