I think what most people think when they hear that someone is an only child is “wow so spoiled” or “wow must be nice.” Well while one of them is kind of true, here what it’s really like as an only child.

My mom tells anyone and everyone that she had one because “God broke the mold after me.” Although she thinks that’s true, there’s a lot more than that which I’m not going to get into because it’s just super personal but let’s just leave it to medical reasons. While most people would rather be an only child, only children want siblings… well most of them. I personally wanted siblings since I was 6. I would always ask (just ask my parents) if we can adopt a sibling.

One thing people with siblings is don't necessarily know is that only children are really lonely. We don’t have siblings to have fun with. We have to make our own fun by ourselves (as every female in my family would say, Mother included). My cousins were around but not as much as siblings would be. I would for sure say that only children get a lot more attention from their parents, which I’m thankful for. Because if there was another child in my family, I can’t imagine my mom and I having such a close relationship like we do now, especially my dad. If he had a son, things would for sure be much different.

There’s a lot of what-ifs, and I can only imagine if that’s the same for people with siblings. Going back to the slightly spoiled part, I think it’s healthy to have parents to spoil their kids just a bit. My parents would say I was spoiled a lot but I also make my own money so it’s not like I’m relaying 100% on them. But growing up, I would get almost whatever I wanted (to a degree - usually Mom would say no, Dad almost always said yes though). Usually, I would ask my dad for a new Polly Pocket set and my mom would be on the fence most times, though I would usually convince her somehow, then my dad would be like “yeah sure, get it.” I feel that because of their parenting, they taught me that I won’t get everything I want in life and if I do, I have to work hard to get it. Trust me, there have been times they both have said no to certain things I wanted.

Another thing is not being able to relate to people who speak about their siblings. Luckily, I had cousins who I made some crazy memories with, but now we really just act like that friend you see every 6 months or so… is that how siblings are when they’re older? Anyways, though I’m twenty years old currently, I have accepted the fact (like 95%) that I won’t get another sibling because I have two brothers - Rolo and Meatball, who happen to be my dogs… my mom says they’re my brothers. I wouldn’t trade them for the world though.