About three months ago, I rescued a 4-month-old labrador/beagle mix from my local rescue. I have always been a dog person (like a HUGE dog person) so I thought I was ready for it. Turns out, having a puppy is a lot like parenting and you really can't be ready for it. But, every early morning, eaten charger, and annoyed moment is worth the happiness that comes along with my puppy. I'm so thankful for this little life and all the love she comes with.

Early wake up alarms every day

At the same time every day I expect cuddles and kisses. Though it may be early, I'm totally okay with it.

They are so excited just to be around you

This includes so much love from them.

You can't get mad at them for too long when they do something wrong

Their guilty face is just too precious.

Teaching them a new trick makes you feel like a real parent

I know I get so proud.

Watching them play makes your heart so happy

Because them learning how the world works is so very entertaining.

Your dog will dominate your camera roll

"Hey do you want to see a picture of my dog?" and your camera roll will likely look like this:

Coming from someone who is obsessed with their puppy, they are a light of happiness. Although she may take up time and energy, she's worth every second.

If you or someone you know is interested in adopting a new dog, please check your local shelters! Adopt don't stop!