What Is YOUR Hair Type?
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What Is YOUR Hair Type?

From pin straight hair to coils, you have a type, find out here!

What Is YOUR Hair Type?

I struggled a lot with my hair. I could not tame it and no products worked for me. I ended up putting my hair in an extremely tight ponytail to the point my hair line started to recede up my forehead during grade school. I was embarrassed by my hair and thus embarrassed of who I am. In desperate need of help, I would type in "curly hair styles" and get girls who had pin straight hair or with some wavy hair and do hair styles that I definitely could not achieve with my ringlets. I was that way for years. It was not until my second year of college where I found my "Hair type." I cried. I was bawling tears that my struggle I had with my hair was over. I was finding girls online with hair JUST LIKE ME. I was finding products that fit my hair.. and the first time in 20 years me and my hair were cooperating.

If this sounds like you and you have no idea how to help your hair, no matter what type of products you use, it starts with this extremely simple foundation.

The foundation of the hair chart.

Now, let find out, what is your hair type?

Hair is broken up into four categories:

Hair type 1, 2, 3, and 4.

These for categories are broken down even further into sub-categories: A, B, or C.

Thus it is broken down like this: Type1: 1A, 1B,1C.

After 1C you start Type 2: 2A, 2B, ETC.

the further up the ladder the more curls, and definition the hair has. Each hair type is unique and thus requires different treatment and works best with specific products.

It is important to know that women can OVERLAP CATAGORIES. Meaning that a woman that is 1C can have come characteristics of a 2A hair type. Sometimes the overlapping happens within the subcategories. Some women would say that have a 1A/1B type.

Knowing what tendencies you hair has is crucial when making decisions on what your hair may or may not like when it comes to products and styling.

Hair Type 1

Hair type one is pin straight hair. It has no defining texture to it and often time has trouble holding curls if you use a curling iron.

A lot of the times, hair like this can become very oily, and women find they don't even need to brush it every day.

I have friends that have told me "yeah it's been a month since I even touched a brush."

I found that women with this type of hair can use two-in-one conditioners because their natural oils protect their hair and they won't have problems combing out their hair after a wash with no product.

Even then these women are broken down into 1A-C hair but there is not much variance between the categories.

Best products to use: Basically anything that won't make your scalp over oily. Pantene has an awesome selection geared to this type of hair. They have shampoo and conditioning for fine hair to help give it volume and defining texture.

Here's an awesome Huffington Post article for the Do's and Don'ts of Stright hair!

Hair Type 2

This is where the curls start forming.

Type 2 Hair is the "beach" hair. It's wavy, but no tight curls. Often S-shaped and huge. This hair type has volume and, with the right care, can grow really long and healthy. This type of hair is also notorious for "wash and go" styles. Unfortunately, this type of hair also has a love for frizz.

A lot of celebrities have this type of hair and mimicking their hair styles would be easier for you type 2 beach babes! Keep in mine humidity is your worst enemy.

When you need to go a "wash-n-go", leave your hair damp, put your products in and flip your hair over. Scrunch your hair up into your roots to define your beautiful S curls. Air dry and you're good for the day!

Best Products: JessiCurl Products, Aussie hair products, Sea Salt sprays (to hold your voluminous hair) and argon oil. The Argon Oil will keep your hair from frizzing out as it has a tendency to do so.

Here a great "Guide-to" the ultimate beach hair you were blessed with!

Hair type 3

This is where I fall into. I have type 3B/3C hair with more 3C characteristics. Type three hair is a beast of its own. There is A LOT to manage with this type of hair but with the time and dedication, the results are very rewarding.

A lot of African-American, Afro-Latina, and Bi-Racial women fall in this category. Irish women also have the genetics to have type 3 Hair. What makes this hair curl is one: genetics, and two: the shape of the hair follicle.

Type 3 Hair women must rely a lot on deep conditioning. Although is VERY VERY tempting, heat, like flat and curling irons, are the worst for this type of hair. You don't have to eliminate heated styles completely, but to please keep that at a minimum.

Over washing, this type of hair can also strip your hair oils that it crucially needs. I usually way till I start having day 4 hair before I start my wash routine.

DIY deep conditioners and masks are your best weapon in keeping your hair curly, soft, and healthy. My personal fave is a mix of Coconut oil, Egg yolk, honey and a deep conditioner of your choice. Leave it in your hair for 20-30 mins under a plastic shower cap. If you can you can use the hair dryer on low and just blow it on your shower cap to heat the plastic and open your hair more to accept the nutrients of the ingredients.

YouTube is awesome for learning tips and tricks of other women with this type of hair.

This is my FAVE video for hair styling!

Best Products: Eggs and Coconut oil for Deep Hair Conditioning, ECOstyling gel with Argon Oil, African Pride Leave in Conditioner (Smells amazing!), and Shea Moisture Products.

Hair Type 4

Last but not least, type 4 hair!

This type of hair is often described as "coily," "coarse" and "kinky." This hair has SHRINKAGE! Type 3 hair has Shrinkage too, but holy hell this hair can deceive you! Hair in this category has almost z curls or VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY tight curls.

Like Type three hair, it is best NOT to wash this type of hair every day, or too often.

4A still has the s-shaped hair but it changes to z-shaped curls when you reach 4C hair.

These girls can rock the Afro like nobody else. This hair is powerful.

A lot of African women falls into this category.

Best Product: SheaMoisture products are also amazing for this type of hair. Here is an article for a full list of products geared to your specific locs.

Here is also a great guide to your hair, what celebrities shares this hair type with you and the best way for treatment in keeping your hair hydrated.

So there you have it!

No matter if you have pin-straight to tight coils, your hair needs your attention and love for it to be the best it can be.

I hoped this helped and put an end to your journey and you get in the right direction to a long a healthy relationship between you and your hair.

Happy Styling

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