How Fratty Are You?
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How Fratty Are You?

How Fratty Are You?

Have you ever been sitting around the frat castle wondering which of your bros are the frattiest? Here is a list of the frattiest things my roommate Carlye and I could think of. Mentally check all that apply.

1.       __  Currently live in a party room in your fraternity

2.       __  If you ever bought McCormick’s by the case

3.       __  If you’ve been golfing on both of Purdue’s courses

4.       __  If you have bought a round for everyone at the Harry’s

5.       __ If you have drank a beer in the shower

6.       __  Make your Facebook status every Thursday “cactus”

7.       __ You tailgate for every football game, but you don’t have tickets.

8.       __  Wear Sperry’s and tell people about them “bro, check out my Sperry’s”

9.       __  You haven’t driven in your car in two weeks, but a pledge drove it last night because he was sober driving.

10.   ___  Know what “Chinos” are and wear them to class

11.   ___ You read “Total Frat Move” at least twice a week

12.   ___ Shop at Ralph Lauren

13.   ____ If you are 5’10” or shorter

14.   ____ If you have gone on a road trip with your bros to see a concert

15.   ____ If your mini fridge has more keystone than bottled water

16.   ____ If you religiously go to the gym once a day

17.   ____ You have played Madden in the past week

18.   ___   If you listen to “fratbeats” while you are studying

19.   ___  The word “bro” is your every day vocabulary.

20.   ___  Had a pledge turn in your homework

21.   ___  If your iPhone has a cracked screen

22.   ___ You have watched "Entourage" in the past week

23.   ___  If you have ever worn Thursday night’s party clothes to your Friday morning class

24.   ___ You have bought clothes at Brooks Brothers

25.   ___ Have been told your Sperry’s stink

26.   ___ Are a registered republican

27.   ___ You prepare more for your intramural games than for your exams

28.   ___ Your house has a B-team for intramurals

29.   ___ You have the “total frat move” app on your iPhone

30.   ___ You own real Ray Bans.

31.   ___ Hangover before an intramural game

32.    ___ You have shacker sheets around your bed

33.   ___ You have played FIFA in the past week

34.   ___ You have drank a beer with breakfast

35.   ___  Porch fratting instead of going to class

36.   ___ You know every word to “ I Love College”

37.   ___ You play the song in #30 in your party room every night

38.   ___ Your life motto is “Bros before Hoes”

39.   ___ You don’t schedule your classes before noon on Thursday or Friday because the weekend starts on Wednesday

40.   ___  Mass texting at least ten girls to invite them to a party that night

41.   ___  You have driven to Illinois (or made a pledge) to buy alcohol on Sunday.

42.   ___ You skipped your classes on Friday to go to after school club

43.   ___ Have ever read cosmopolitan magazine (make fun of me if you want, but this is the most stolen item from my sorority)

44.   ___ You don’t plan on being in a long term relationship (LTR) until you are at least 30

45.   ___ You have stolen a composite from a sorority

46.   ___ You know what “bro-tein” is (post workout protein with the bros)

47.   ___ You listen to dub step

48.   ___ You have a secret stash of better alcohol  (maker’s mark or, jim bean)

49.   ___ You would never be caught dead wearing cargo shorts

50.   __ If you have ever asked a girl her name and her response was “are you kidding me? We met last weekend!”

Count up how many you put a check next to. If you checked;

0-9: You are most likely a non-Greek.

Fall rush just ended, but don’t worry there is always the spring.

10-15: You are a sorority girl.

Nice try taking this quiz. It was supposed to be for guys.

16-25: You are a pledge.

You better go find your pledge pop and ask him why you can’t wear cargo shorts to class. Hopefully you learn quickly, or it’s going to be a long semester.

26-35: You are the average frat guy

It’s okay. You probably have a really hard major and spend a lot of time in the library.

36-45: You are a Frat-lete

You are a star at intramurals, but don’t spend enough time focusing on partying.

46-50: You are a Frat-Star

You do it all- partying, intramurals, drinking expensive bourbon and dressing like my dad. Congratulations. 


Elizabeth is a junior studying elementary education. You may contact her at

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