What is the point of Med School Interviews?
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What is the point of Med School Interviews?

You're going to spend 4+ years here, so you better make sure you love it as much as you want them to love you!

What is the point of Med School Interviews?

I've spent the last three weeks of November traveling up and down the East Coast for medical school. In the beginning, I was excited. I did not think I was going to get any medical school interviews at all, and I was pretty set on the fact that I would have to apply again next cycle. However, somebody saw something in me, and I had three medical school interview set up back to back. My first two interviews were in New York. My first one, though nerve-racking, made me really excited and motivated for interviews to come. I absolutely loved the school and its program. As well, from speaking to students and faulty, you could definitely see how much they loved it here, and it began to rub off on me. When I was first beginning this process, I thought thagt we would we get a little information about the school, but the day would largely focus on interviews. I was very wrong. As much as you want to show the school why they should choose you, they also want to prove to you why you should choose them. Therefore, I went into my next interview with this exact mindset. The interview was a lot easier my second time around, thankfully. However, I also made sure i paid close attention to the sentiment of the students, the faculty, and attempted to picture myself at this medical school. Unfortunately, I did not leave that interview as excited as my first In my opinion, the students and faculty did not seem to enjoy the school much. As well, there just weren't many opportunities and experiences for students to take part in, which is very important for me when looking at a medical school. Though I was disappointed, I realized that this is the point of medical school interviews. Not only to convince the school to want you, but to also decide if that is a school you want. If you are currently on your way to applying to medical school, make sure you do thorough research so you are effectively able to determine if that is truly a school for you, and a school you could love. Then, do the same when you get your interviews because truly the worse thing you can do is force yourself to spend 4 years in a program you absolutely loathe!

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