What is "New Mexico True?"
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What is "New Mexico True?"

New Mexico True is more than a campaign, it's an aspiration

What is "New Mexico True?"

If you're in or around New Mexico, you most certainly have seen "New Mexico True" slogans everywhere you look: on billboards, TV, the Internet and even public transportation. It’s all around with more and more avenues cropping up to represent. The reason for it is the same for other states: everyone is trying to drive up tourism by rebranding. It’s a big push for New Mexico to bring in people with a sense of adventure. The focus is all about the story of the journey, the “What will you do here?” idea. This means the state is not guiding your decisions, just showcasing all the options.

But the slogan goes deeper than that because it’s less of a one-hit wonder and more of a universal concept. It can be utilized for a multitude of facets, including resident involvement. “HERE, EVERY TRUE ADVENTURE HAS A STORY”.

New Mexico, to some, is one giant, barren wasteland; to others it’s a haven. "New Mexico True" is a call to the wild, a wise storyteller looking for tales, a sense of belonging. New Mexico is in a particular point where its identity has been greyed out. The golden days have past and new opportunities have presented themselves. Yet, no one seems to know which opportunity they want to take. The slogan unifies the state and polarizes our future. No matter what angle anyone decides to attack this unique unknown, it will be stamped as "New Mexico True."

The people are what make the state, the adventures are what make the people. Whether they be a tourist or a local, the journey will be unexpected. "New Mexico True" means to embrace the culture that is rooted here, and look forward to what is ahead. The slogan for New Mexico includes the call for the state’s own adventure. The decisions that will lead to different initiatives and new upbringings. New Mexico may not seem like much, but it has much to offer if you’re willing to look.

The state certainly has progress to make, which it will do with its potential. People want to come here because their senses drive them to. The difficult part is figuring out what to do once they’re there. Adventure awaits for those willing to make it happen, and New Mexico is a true place to find it. I leave you with this video and official theme song of "New Mexico True," which perhaps will enlighten you a little more than I can.

Oh also, you can pet wolves! It’s in the video!
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