I've had a finsta for almost a year and it's the best thing I ever did. I usually use my finsta to vent about life. I've posted about my cat being sassy to my ex-boyfriend stalking me. It's so nice to have somewhere to vent about almost anything.

Having a finsta is like having a journal. You can literally talk about anything and vent about life. I love being able to vent and my friends comment and help me with it. I often post about making decisions and my friends help me make them.

I usually use pictures that I wouldn't post on my real Instagram. I often post pictures of my cat or silly pictures of my boyfriend and I. Some pictures are super random like a pack of skittles or me sitting in the Chick-fil-A drive-thru.

Creating your finsta name is probably the best part of having a finsta. They're supposed to be cute and funny. I've seen puns or even some to reflect songs and of course, your finsta name will change every few months.

Sometimes I'm so irritated and need somewhere to vent. Instead of writing in a journal, I can post on my finsta and my friends can help me. So instead of opening a journal, make yourself a finsta.