My ring isn't just a piece of gold. My Aggie ring represents years of hard work, dedication, and traditions. I am a first generation Aggie, so I wasn't pushed into the cult by family. I fell in love with A&M from a young age. I was very involved in 4H so we came to college station a lot and especially in my high school years I really started noticing how great of a school it is.

I worked very hard to get accepted and stay here. I had no idea on my first day of class how much of a blessing being an Aggie would be.

I chose A&M because of the comradery, the traditions, the town itself and so much more. I had no idea that I would be attending one of the top research institutes in the nation. I had no idea how amazing the professors were and the amazing stem facilities I would have access to.

Someone once said "people don't even wear their rings after college" I chuckled and said, "oh, Aggies do." Your ring is an identifier of family. Go anywhere in the world and if you meet another aggie you instantly have a connection. It's something to be proud of.

For those that don't know here is a bit of history behind the Aggie ring.

My ring has a unique story to it as well. About two months before I was born my grandpa passed away. Although I never met him, I know he was a really good man and that he'd be so proud to see me attending A&M. I always wished I could have at least one day with him, but now thanks to Montelongo's Jewelry I will have a piece of him with me always. The diamond in the middle of my ring will be a diamond from my papa's work ring. This ring will always be a reminder to me of where I came from and where I'm going.

Being an Aggie is so much more than football games and Northgate. I will say being inside Kyle field swaying, yelling at the top of your lungs is like nothing else, but that's not what makes being an Aggie so special. It's things like Silver taps, Muster and Big Event that make being an Aggie indescribable. It's the fact that once you're an Aggie, you'll always have a family.

We are the Aggies the Aggies are we.

I will always be proud to be an Aggie. Make fun of my whoops and hisses and silly traditions all you want, but I will always bleed maroon.

"Spirit can ne'er be told"