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8 Things I am looking forward to this fall

Summer, step aside. I am ready for the good times to roll.

8 Things I am looking forward to this fall
Madison Morgan

As nice as it was to be home for the first two weeks of summer, I have been ready to get back to Lexington for over a month now. The University of Kentucky is the best thing to happen to me, and I have made countless good (and bad) memories thus far and desperately need to make more. Hopefully more good than bad this time!

Coming up with 8 things I am looking forward to was not hard at all because I love this school and the people who attend it so much! Freshman year was great and all, but I am looking forward to Sophomore year even more because I know even more great things are going to happen to me than ever before.

1. Move in day!!

This upcoming year is going to be the best yet because I am living with a bunch of my best friends all under one roof. Living in the sorority house will be one of the greatest experiences of my life and I cannot WAIT!

2. Changing my major

I came into Kentucky majoring in Integrated Strategic Communications and loved it, I still do. But, I wanted to take it up a notch and major in something I have always been passionate about which is art and design.

I decided to combine the two, and now I am a double major in ISC and Digital Media & Design in the School of Visual Arts and Studies. All of my classes next semester are either studio classes or art history classes, and I think I will be a happier, more fulfilled person as a result.

3. Sorority recruitment on the other side

As intense and stressful as sorority recruitment was, looking back on it, it is something I will cherish forever. And it was one of the most pivotal weeks for me and my growth as a person. I cannot wait to be on the other side of the process and recruit girls myself. I want to make their experience in Chi Omega as special and memorable as it was for me!

4. Caturdays

This one is a given as a student at the University of Kentucky! Caturdays are a time to get dressed up in a super cute blue and white dress, romper, jersey, or a fan favorite--the tube top and super tiny tight skirt. Caturdays are also a time to socialize with all of your girlfriends and guy friends, and potential lovers.

State Street and Waller are two of my personal favorites to walk up and down with my pals and attend a wide variety of tailgates. Saturdays are truly special in Lexington, and if you ever get a chance to experience what the Big Blue Nation is all about, I highly suggest it and you won't regret it.

5. Being a campus rep!

Coming to college made me realize how much people LOVE sorority and fraternity t-shirts. During the year I discovered a t-shirt company called South By Sea and came across an application to become a campus representative and help fulfill orders all across campus while making commission in the process. I took advantage of this opportunity and scored an interview for the position. As of this summer, I am a campus rep for South by Sea and cannot wait to help spread the word and help integrate SBS into more organizations on campus!

6. Working out with my best friend

One of my best friends on the planet happens to enjoy working out just as much as I do. Actually, she enjoys it much more and has been working her butt off all summer! Super proud of her.

Emily and I used to work out at the Planet Fitness near campus and I always had the best time with her. I can't wait to get back to incorporating fitness into my daily routine! Nothing better than working on yourself with your best friend and holding each other accountable!

7. Date parties and formals

Date parties and formals are seriously some of my favorite memories I've made in college. Dressing up for a certain theme is so much fun and it is always a great time planning the night out with your best friends. Date parties are great because you can bring whoever you want. You can bring yourself and lone soldier it because sometimes boys suck and we do not want them to ruin our night, you can bring a guy friend and feel okay knowing he is not going to make any nasty boy moves on you (hopefully), you can bring your boyfriend if you are into that kind of thing and have yourself a lover, or you can bring a girlfriend and have the best night ever knowing you do not have to baby sit your date.

As for formals, if you get the chance to go and get invited, DO IT!!! The best two weekends of my life were in Panama City Beach and New Orleans and I have zero regrets. The long bus rides are actually pretty fun if you know your date well and feel comfortable around him. Spending two nights in a hotel with a ton of fraternity boys and their dates is quite an interesting experience and a lot of fun things go down. You will not regret it, just say yes and go with the flow!

8. Making fraternity formal coolers

Painting coolers is literally my favorite thing to do on the planet. A lot of girls find it a pain in the booty to sand, prime and paint an entire 48 qt cooler, but I love the entire process and have fun while doing it! I painted two coolers for my own boyfriend at the time, and two coolers on commission. If I do not get asked to go on formal (smh boys I am a great time, you're missing out) hopefully I can help some of my friends paint theirs!

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