There are so many good times to reflect on in 2018 and so many things I learned and I am SO blessed.

1. It's easy to forget about the fun times

Every clip I took I can look back on and say something about. However, without the clip, I probably would forget about those times. I spend so many nights in a practice room with my friends, and there are so many that made the video, but they were all so worthwhile and I'm glad I have those moments documented forever.

2. You realize who your closest friends are

In high school, I had two separate groups of friends. It was hard for me to have the best social life because I was constantly bouncing back and forth between the two. I decided in 2018 I wanted to try and spend more time with the one friend group that I occasionally hung out with on breaks. That didn't happen, but I did hang out with my college friends, and that's where it's at. You make REAL connections with them and they made 2018 the best year yet.

3. Not every second of your day matters

There are 365 days in a year, 24 hours each day, 60 minutes in each hour, and 60 seconds in each of those. The number of bad days I had in 2018 were a lot. But I just let too many seconds affect days. Those bad seconds don't matter. Just take a deep breath, figure out how to solve your problems, take a step away, and focus on the good seconds that are ahead.

4. You don't have to do EVERYTHING... say no

I spend so much of my time doing things for other people. I am the person who volunteers so much of my time for others. But it is okay to say no. I only realized that in the last few months of 2018 and I wish I realized it sooner. After summer I spent more days relaxing and doing things I wanted to do, and I did it all for a better me.

5. Your faith will take you farther than you think

I was blessed to survive 2018 and to remember every single day. I was able to become the happiest me possible and it was all because of God's grace.

Thank you 2018 for being an amazing year. You really outdid yourself. I'm ready for you 2019.