What Heathers: The Musical Teaches People
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What Heathers: The Musical Teaches People

Heather, Heather, Heather, and Veronica teach us more than just how to 'kick nerds in the nose.'

What Heathers: The Musical Teaches People

Before I start to list some of the messages that are in Heathers: The Musical, I just have to explain how much I love this show. The music, the story, the one liners, and the amazing cast of characters are more than enough for anyone to get on board. There are a lot of really good life lessons and messages for high schools and basically anyone in this show. Anyone who likes good music, great story lines and Mean Girls, but wants a show with a deeper story would be in for a treat with this fantastic musical based on the 1988 classic movie 'Heathers'.

"He is the smartest guy on the football team, which is kind of like being the tallest dwarf"

There are always going to be bullies in life but just remember that if you work hard you can be successful and they could be working at a gas station.

"Or forget that creep, and get in my jeep"

Your friends may not be the most popular, but as long as you have friends who are respectable, honest, loving, and caring it doesn't matter how popular they are.

"They're solid Teflon, never bothered, never harassed. I would give anything to be like that."

Popular girls may seem like they have it all together but they are not always what they seem. Everyone has bad days and some people are just better at hiding it than others. Some people may be mean to others to mask their own self doubt. Others may seem more angry than most people, but actually don't have such a bad life. You can just never assume what someone is like until you really know them.

"I'd like them to be nicer, that would be beautiful"

We should all strive to be beautiful inside before we change our outwards appearance because the inside is what really counts.

"Kickin' nerds in the nose"

Although it is a great line for a song, it's not great advice to live by. You should treat people with compassion and general decency because no one deserves to be treated badly.

"Could you be seen with me and still act proud?"

Find someone who would answer an emphatic "Yes!" to this question and you've got a keeper. (Caution: this excludes people who would literally want to kill people, including themselves, for you)

"Freeze your brain, suck on that straw, get lost in the pain."

Sometimes you just need to take your mind off things and slushes are great for that! You freeze your brain in two ways; you can forget about your problems for a while and you can get a brain freeze. Either way, slushes are so worth it.

"Can't we be Seventeen?"

When you are seventeen you should not have to deal with really big problems that are a matter of life or death. Your biggest problem should be worrying about if a guy likes you back or if you failed your algebra test. Remember when you are seventeen you should be having "big fun", not worrying about big life problems.

Overall, this musical has great music, a suspending story that has so many different twists and turns, and honest messages about how you should live your life (although they teach by showing examples of some horrible things the characters have done).

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