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As 2018 came to a close, all the rave was around the Netflix movie starring Sandra Bullock called "Birdbox." As we all know (unless you're living under a rock), the movie takes place in the future where a suicide raid forces Malorie Hayes (Sandra Bullock) to keep herself and two children alive. All in all, the movie is pretty good. Although I would argue that with all the hype around it, I expected it to be better. I have to clap it up for Netflix Originals, as they have been cranking out some amazing movies and TV shows lately.

I would also argue that although "Birdbox" is a great movie and stars the amazing Sandra Bullock, "What Happened To Monday" by far is the better movie. The movie was actually released in August of 2017 but got a lot of hype when "Birdbox" came out because of the similar plot lines.

"What Happened To Monday" takes place in the future as well (2073 to be exact), where 7 identical sisters have to survive a "one child world" due to overpopulation. The sisters have to fight being put to a long sleep by the government all while investigating the disappearance of one of their own.

I would argue that "What Happened To Monday" is the better film over "Birdbox" because it is extremely thrilling. There is a lot of action and suspense along with a lot of plot twist. Where "Birdbox" is also thrilling, but you can guess what is going to happen and most of the time Malorie is on the river trying to find her way.

"What Happened To Monday" is like a puzzle. First of all, there are so many sisters and they all look alike. It can be hard to keep up with who is who. It keeps you intrigued and on your toes. Secondly, it is hard to take your eyes away from the TV. The movie is so action-packed and there is always something happening. You want to know what is going to happen next, all while trying to figure out how it is going to end.

Both are great movies and both are actually based on books, but for me, I will watch "What Happened To Monday" before "Birdbox."

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